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  1. Atlantis
    by Oromocto Diamond
  2. Grifff Pifff
    by Lesbo Vrouven
  3. 24,99
    by Alaclair Ensemble
  4. Art For An Eye
    by Louis the 3rd
  5. Black Eye
    by Louis the 3rd
  6. Gesamtkunstwerk
    by Dead Obies
    Explosif Explosif
  7. Un bon moment
    by Joël Martel
    Bienvenue chez le gros Mario Bienvenue chez le gros Mario
  8. Polygorn - LP
    by Polygorn
  9. Judith Judith
    by (swedish) Death Polka
    by Arthur Comeau
  11. 11 ans P572
    by P572
  12. Slacker
    by Maxime Gervais
    Les amies d'Anne-Marie Les amies d'Anne-Marie
  13. Opononi
    by Oromocto Diamond
  14. Orsainville
    by Black Taboo
    Black Tabarnak Black Tabarnak
  15. Limoilou Le Film - Trame Sonore
    by Various Artist
    Lâche l'école Lâche l'école
  16. BPII
    by Bigpants
  17. The weather's meant to be great
    by headache24
  18. DANS LE VIDE avec Ariane Moffatt
    by Eman X Vlooper
  19. Le Choc Du Futur
    by Oromocto Diamond
    Black Feelings Black Feelings
    by Sol Hess & the Sympatik's