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  1. The End Of Darkness
    by Eternal Power
    Chasing Your Dream Chasing Your Dream
    Great, albeit a tad cheesy and underproduced power metal from China (I think?!). Love the track "Chasing Your Dream" with it's great use of synth and melodies. Great hidden gem and for everyone who likes his metal a tad cheesy.

    Also features a track titled "When My Long Hair Waves Again." That's just poetry.
  2. Extenditus Playus
    by Grimgotts
    Down the Hatch Down the Hatch
    After an appropriate cheesy intro song full of synths this EP explodes into "I Am The Hero", which perfectly shows off Grimgotts range. Crazy over the top everyting. Synths, Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars. They know it's cheesy and embrace it, which in turn makes it earnest and the great melodies and vocals just do the rest.

    At first I was a bit taken aback by the lazy title for this EP, but it's just an EP after all and who gives a crap. The songs are great, that matters.
  3. Part Man, Part Beast, Part Dragon
    by Grimgotts
    The Edge of the World (The Voyage to Vale) The Edge of the World (The Voyage to Vale)
    Grimgotts have done it again! Which means, they made more music. But seriously, this album should please anyone, who has heard their previous stuff. I really enjoy their powerful guitars and Andy Barton's wailing vocals. If you like your metal with lots of cheese and over the top performance, then Grimgotts are for you.

    "Edge Of The World" is my favourite track for that perfect bit of melancholy right before the refrain. Love that shit.
  4. Rising
    by Dream Spirit
    暮莲 暮莲
  5. Semblances of the Void
    by Screaming Savior
    The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods
    And another great Screaming Saviour album. At first I missed the "galaxy" feeling from the "Infinity" Album, but the powerful guitars and the singers cheesy voice make up for it.

    Love the cover artwork as well! More chinese culture in metal please.
  6. First Contact
    by Viking Galaxy
    Call of the Valkyrie Call of the Valkyrie
    A real hidden gem on Bandcamp. What this album might lack in production quality it more than enough makes up for it with sheer joy, cheezyness and great melodies, which tend to sound wonderfully melancholic in some tracks. Only two songs in, I was immediately hooked and have been listening ever since.
  7. Ultionus: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge
    by Jake Kaufman
    Zone 6 - Climactic Escape Zone 6 - Climactic Escape
    Imho one of the most overlooked Kaufman OSTs. Full of great FM synths and catchy melodies.
  8. 哀郢 National Trauma
    by Zhang, Wang, Wu, Du, Hwai, かおり , Fang
    无双 无双
    China with its vast history may have had an enormous impact on the world, but its mark on the metal genre has been rather paltry. Until recently, when more and more bands emerged and one can see a consistent upwards trend in quality.

    Black Kirin's album clearly shows, that the chinese catched up with the rest of the world. Their combination of melodies, brutality and chinese folk elements are a welcome addition to my library and I can't wait for more of these guys.
  9. Prosperous Visions
    by Primalfrost
    Distant Cries Of War Distant Cries Of War
    The most pompous, bombastic and grandiose one man band I have ever heard.
  10. the eternal journey E.P
    by Forsaken Eternity
    Forsaken Eternity Forsaken Eternity
    Great symphonic / melodic / whatever black metal EP with just the right amount of synths, atmosphere and melodies. Can't wait for more.
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  11. Infinity(2013 MHR Ver)
    by Screaming Savior
    Star of Fatality Star of Fatality
    A big surprise from China! Love the bombastic intro which leads into the great "Star of fatality". Great for people who already liked Covenant's "Nexus Polaris" Album. Black metal in space!
  12. Invincible
    by Illusion
    Invincible Invincible
    Power metal from China! These guys definitely did their homework and deliver an amazing album with great melodies and movie like synths at just the right time. Add some asian folk elements here and there and you have an absolutely well done album.

    Definitely guys to look out for.
  13. One: A Telefuture Compilation
    by Telefuture
    Tonight Tonight
    Great sampler all around. Perfect for people who want to get into the genre or simply the best of the best.
  14. Current Events
    by Mitch Murder
    Palmer's Arcade Palmer's Arcade
    Time travelling with Mitch Murder! Never before has a retro- or synthwave album (whatever the hell you want to call it) taken me back in time like this one. The ancient TV snippets sprinkled throughout really give you a sense of the time back then and the gorgeous melodies accompany them perfectly. Favourite track: "Palmer's Arcade" because it really gave me the feels!
  15. Selection One
    by mitch murder
    Airwolf Theme Airwolf Theme
    A great mix of everything well rendered in Mitch's synth style.
  16. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Body Double Body Double
    Man, this album. The sheer size and magnificence of it, is simply mindblowing. Every track is a winner, the overal sound just gorgeous and the amazing cover artwork nothing more than amazing. I love everything about it. But especially the opener.
  17. VHS
    by Mega Drive
    Night Prowl Night Prowl
    This album is indeed perfect for a lonely drive at night. Possibly with rain. Wonderful melancholic synth.
  18. 88:88
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    A Glowing Light, A Promise A Glowing Light, A Promise
    Incredibly moody album, perfect for everyone loving soundtracks, synths, the 80s but also modern things.
  19. Autoscroll
    by autoscroll
    Intro - Shadow of the Beast [Amiga] Intro - Shadow of the Beast [Amiga]
    Very nice mix of chippyness and live instruments. Also an unusual - thus interesting - choice of tunes here.
  20. Bloodrayne: Betrayal Official Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
    The Crimson Demon (NES) The Crimson Demon (NES)
    Bought it just for the NES version of the soundtrack, which is hilarious, epic and catchy at the same time.
  21. Kylie And Me
    by Spenza
    It kicks you right in the face and tries to sooth you with the longing vocals. Very well done, just love this track.

    Of course I like to think about Kylie Minoque when listening to this.