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  1. Heavy Fvckn Black
  2. 1860
    by Dark Moon
    02.暴风雨 02.暴风雨
    This album is entirely instrumental, apart from some choral passages and really kicks off with track two. I am surprised, because it's a very orchestral / classical influenced and heavy album. Would work great for a videogame where you fight hordes of evil demons.
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  3. 落阳
    by Dark Moon
    04.落阳 04.落阳
    Wow, what is this. This album heavily utilizes orchestral arrangements incl. choir passages and keeps it mostly instrumental, before kicking you in the teeth on the track "落阳" with some really great vocals. The long build up really works wonders, as you finally feel the true calling of Dark Moon. Melodic Death Metal with chinese influences that really work very well together.
  4. S/T
    by HATE KA 怨灵
    I don't know anything about this band or its members and all I can say is, that those are some very evil tracks with some howling vocals and a great, great cover art.

    Don't be taken aback by the 666 USD / EUR / Whatever asking price for the digital download, just order the physical album which comes with a digital download as well. The CD you can then donate to a fellow metal head, or enjoy in your collection of course.

    Great album!
  5. SIGIL - The MIDI Soundtrack
    by James Paddock
    Hate Machine Hate Machine
    The real soundtrack to Sigil, John Romero's new episode for the original Doom. Once Hate Machine starts, you know that this is, how it is supposed to sound. Jimmy once again assures you, that he is indeed the midi master, providing with this OST a rocky, "Doomy" soundtrack that occasionally dips into the atmospheric, while always sounding absolutely on point. It's Doom, shoot monsters and rock on!

    Good stuff!
  6. Saturn X Soundtrack Episode 1
    by James Paddock
  7. Saturn X Soundtrack Episode 2
    by James Paddock
  8. 江山(Mountains and Rivers)
    by DreamSpirit
    还我山河(Return My Homeland) 还我山河(Return My Homeland)
    Great, great oldschool metal with that Chinese touch, that makes it truely unique. But take all that "chineseness" away and you still have a great album with some amazing melodies. Highly recommended.
  9. Yan Huang
    by Song of Chu
  10. Anthology of ebony
    by Snowsedim
    杀无赦 杀无赦
    Very well produced and unique melo-death / black metal from China, with a unique oriental folk twist.
  11. 李有才的一天
    by 迷魂殿
    午后 午后
    Wonderful small EP with some very strange ambient sound tracks, where we hear people on the street, while also occasionally treat your ears to some very nicely distorted guitars and overall a strange feel. Great stuff!
  12. 哭泣的鄂伦春
    by 迷魂殿
    索伦的呼唤 索伦的呼唤
    This album offers quite a unique soundscape of traditional chinese instruments, ambient sound, heavy black metal and strange vocals. I must admit that it's exactly this strangeness, that gives this album its uniqueness and is well worth a listen.
  13. 根河(instrumental playthrough version)
    by 迷魂殿
    牙克石1983(instrumental playthrough version) 牙克石1983(instrumental playthrough version)
    Well, it's the same as the other one, just an instrumental version. If you don't like the sub-par vocals of the original, you better buy this instead.
  14. 根河
    by 迷魂殿
    月牙湾 月牙湾
    Very atmospheric black metal from China. While the vocals are not really the best out there, this albums makes up for it with great atmosphere and that unique oriental folk twist.
  15. The Fall Of An Empire
    by Fairyland
    After listening to this album for quite a while I must admit, that it is quite okay - very nice infact - but somehow I still miss the very first Fairyland album, that was just something else. Still, a great powerful release.
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  16. Score To A New Beginning
    by Fairyland
    I don't want to be a party pooper, but this album is definitely not as good as "Of Wars In Osyhria". I kind of miss the powerful female vocals and the more intricate melodies. It's still a blast to listen through, though.
  17. NanKing Massacre
    by Black Kirin 黒麒
    I. Da Qu I. Da Qu
    Black Kirin is one of the few bands in the already very small chinese black metal scene, that successfully incorporate chinese opera into their songs. It mights sound weird at first, but very quickly will you realize, that this is the only way chinese black metal should sound. Great stuff!
  18. After The End Of The Vally
    by MysterainCN
    The Sprout From Deadwood The Sprout From Deadwood
    Gothic Folk Metal with classical chinese instruments, that'll mesmerize you with great melodies, fast riffs and female vocals. Overal just a great album!
  19. The Memory of Nomadism
    by SULD
    Zognl Zognl
    Heavy and powerful folk metal from Inner Mongolia that entrances you with its unique sound of melancholic vocals yet powerful riffs and ontop of all that, this unique mongolian sound.
  20. 末商志·上篇︱The Demise Of A Hymn · Part One
    by 帝辛︱Tyranny
    5.破阵 5.破阵
    Great dulogy of albums from China, which surprise with a decent production, great synths and very evil vocals. While the lyrics most probably (?) revolve around chinese mythology, the actual music is surprisingly lacking of chinese folk instruments. That doesn't make this album any less impressive, though.
  21. 末商志·下篇︱The Demise Of A Hymn · Part Two
    by 帝辛︱Tyranny
    金台拜将 金台拜将
    Follow up to the first part, which basically offers more of the same, which is in this case a good thing. The band even improved upon all aspects of the production which makes this a tad better than the previous one. Highly recommended.
  22. Reborn from the Inferno
    by DARK RING
    Dark Ring Dark Ring
    Symphonic Black Metal from China with very cheesy keyboards, a not perfect production, but a whole lot of heart. I especially enjoyed the melodies on this one. Makes me wonder, what a follow up album from this band would sound like.
  23. Of Wars in Osyhria
    by Fairyland
    Power metal at its best with melodic hymns, cheezy lyrics about dragons and battles as well as god damn fast riffs. But not only that, it is female fronted and avoids the usual "operatic" sound that plagues many female fronted bands. Kudos to the front singer, she sounds just awesome.
  24. Thy Flesh Recycled
    by Immorpher
    Athiýozúá Ejuky Üd Athiýozúá Ejuky Üd
    Hellscapes, pools of blood, rusted metal, lava and dead wood. That's the kind of imagery this album evokes in me and good lord is it creepy. Perfect for a day at work, when your coworker just won't shut up about his kids / this baseball game / whatever the crap ordinary people are into.

    Highly recommended
  25. Our Hearts, Our Lives
    by Wooden Bridge
    The Alchemist The Alchemist
    This is one of those rare debut albums, that gets everything right straight out of the gate. The opening track Run to Ror-Modin doesn't waste any time to introduce you to Wooden Bridge's well produced, well composed and very cheezy style. I especially love the interplay between female and male vocals. Guitars, synths, drums, everything is perfectly balanced and it just continues on from there till you reach the end of the album and are wondering, when their next album will be out. Recommended!
  26. Ashes 2063: Episode 1
    by John S. Weekley
    Legions of the Dark Legions of the Dark
    It's not often, that a soundtrack to a Doom mod stands out and especially can stand on its own, but here you go. This wonderfully retro inspired OST will take you back to the days of John Carpenter, ugly haircuts and synthesizers. In some tracks it gets down right creepy, which fits the post apocalyptic nature of the mod, I guess. Highly recommended.
  27. Left to Our Own Devices
    by Le Cassette
    Arms of Mine Arms of Mine
    Why do I love this album? Because it's amazing of course. Well composed tracks with wonderfully melancholic melodies that warp me right back to a time, that actually never was. This is way better than "back then".
  28. Background Noises
    by Dial-up for Murder
    Plus Plus
    I accidentally discovered Dial-up for Murder whilst playing Doom mods and I couldn't have been more surprised by the quality of this artists synth tunes.This Album could very well be a soundtrack to an artsy indie movie, dealing with heavy themes like loss before erupting in some drum heavy revelation with the track "plus". Highly recommended!
  29. Exomoon soundtrack
    by Tomás Soares
    Circular Towers Circular Towers
    Doom might be known for its "metal" soundtrack, but it's just equally known for having thousands of user generated maps, which even feature their own soundtracks. Exomoon is one of those and a stand out at that. The groovy, jazzy tunes of this album are unlike most of the music for Doom maps and will surprise you not only in their complexity but diversity as well. Give it a listen, it's wholly unique!
  30. Euphoreon
    by Euphoreon
    Eleventh Heaven Eleventh Heaven
    I am not familiar with Euphoreons story but this music, hot damn... I especially enjoyed the riffs and melancholy on this album.
  31. Ends of the Earth
    by Euphoreon
    The Grand Becoming The Grand Becoming
    Great riffs and an overal powerful presentation make this melodic death metal a great addition to every metal fan's collection. Man, this "review" sounds cheezy.
  32. Project Paula - Amiga
    by Project Paula
    Jim Power Jim Power
    Amazing synth renditions of Amiga cult classics. This album stands out not only due to its production value, but also because it features one of the more clever Jim Power remixes out there. Amazing work, great album.
    by Mitch Murder
    Sneakers Sneakers
    Great FM tunes which make me wish the album would be longer. The track "Sneakers" reminds me about the european Captain Future soundtrack, whereas "Fighters" rocks my pants with its rolling baselines. What a wonderful little album.
    by Mitch Murder
    Stage 1 Stage 1
    The Mega Drive's sound chip paired with Mitch Murder's melodies is a match made in heaven. Would this have been a real release for a real game it would have been an instant classic, fondly remembered by many players.
  35. The End Of Darkness
    by Eternal Power
    Chasing Your Dream Chasing Your Dream
    Great, albeit a tad cheesy and underproduced power metal from China (I think?!). Love the track "Chasing Your Dream" with it's great use of synth and melodies. Great hidden gem and for everyone who likes his metal a tad cheesy.

    Also features a track titled "When My Long Hair Waves Again." That's just poetry.
  36. Extenditus Playus
    by Grimgotts
    Down the Hatch Down the Hatch
    After an appropriate cheesy intro song full of synths this EP explodes into "I Am The Hero", which perfectly shows off Grimgotts range. Crazy over the top everyting. Synths, Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars. They know it's cheesy and embrace it, which in turn makes it earnest and the great melodies and vocals just do the rest.

    At first I was a bit taken aback by the lazy title for this EP, but it's just an EP after all and who gives a crap. The songs are great, that matters.
  37. Part Man, Part Beast, Part Dragon
    by Grimgotts
    The Edge of the World (The Voyage to Vale) The Edge of the World (The Voyage to Vale)
    Grimgotts have done it again! Which means, they made more music. But seriously, this album should please anyone, who has heard their previous stuff. I really enjoy their powerful guitars and Andy Barton's wailing vocals. If you like your metal with lots of cheese and over the top performance, then Grimgotts are for you.

    "Edge Of The World" is my favourite track for that perfect bit of melancholy right before the refrain. Love that shit.
  38. Semblances of the Void
    by Screaming Savior
    The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods
    And another great Screaming Saviour album. At first I missed the "galaxy" feeling from the "Infinity" Album, but the powerful guitars and the singers cheesy voice make up for it.

    Love the cover artwork as well! More chinese culture in metal please.
  39. First Contact
    by Viking Galaxy
    Call of the Valkyrie Call of the Valkyrie
    A real hidden gem on Bandcamp. What this album might lack in production quality it more than enough makes up for it with sheer joy, cheezyness and great melodies, which tend to sound wonderfully melancholic in some tracks. Only two songs in, I was immediately hooked and have been listening ever since.
  40. Ultionus: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge
    by Jake Kaufman
    Zone 6 - Climactic Escape Zone 6 - Climactic Escape
    Imho one of the most overlooked Kaufman OSTs. Full of great FM synths and catchy melodies.
  41. 哀郢 National Trauma
    by Zhang, Wang, Wu, Du, Hwai, かおり , Fang
    无双 无双
    China with its vast history may have had an enormous impact on the world, but its mark on the metal genre has been rather paltry. Until recently, when more and more bands emerged and one can see a consistent upwards trend in quality.

    Black Kirin's album clearly shows, that the chinese catched up with the rest of the world. Their combination of melodies, brutality and chinese folk elements are a welcome addition to my library and I can't wait for more of these guys.
  42. Prosperous Visions
    by Primalfrost
    Distant Cries Of War Distant Cries Of War
    The most pompous, bombastic and grandiose one man band I have ever heard.
  43. the eternal journey E.P
    by Forsaken Eternity
    Forsaken Eternity Forsaken Eternity
    Great symphonic / melodic / whatever black metal EP with just the right amount of synths, atmosphere and melodies. Can't wait for more.
  44. Infinity(2013 MHR Ver)
    by Screaming Savior
    Star of Fatality Star of Fatality
    A big surprise from China! Love the bombastic intro which leads into the great "Star of fatality". Great for people who already liked Covenant's "Nexus Polaris" Album. Black metal in space!
  45. Invincible
    by Illusion
    Invincible Invincible
    Power metal from China! These guys definitely did their homework and deliver an amazing album with great melodies and movie like synths at just the right time. Add some asian folk elements here and there and you have an absolutely well done album.

    Definitely guys to look out for.