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Dave Johnson

  1. Southland, New Zealand
  2. Rock
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  1. Yé Yé
    Wow !! this great stuff. I'll be coming back for more
  2. The Queen Of Swing (feat. Gypsy Hill)
    by Swingrowers
    The Queen Of Swing (feat. Gypsy Hill) The Queen Of Swing (feat. Gypsy Hill)
    great solid electro Swing. more please.
  3. Sing It Back
    by Swing Republic
    Sing It Back Sing It Back
    More great electro swing with great moving original vocals
  4. Tribute to the Masters Vol.2
    by ProleteR
    Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack (ProleteR tribute) Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack (ProleteR tribute)
    Great electro swing. Not overworked with a real homage to the original artists.
  5. Beneath Boot Hill (Ballad of the Saint of Killers)
    by Fox and the Red Hares
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Midnight Calling
    by Swing Republic
    Fall Fall
    Great swing great vocals.
  7. Tribute to the Masters Vol.1
    by ProleteR
    Frank Sinatra - That's life (ProleteR tribute) Frank Sinatra - That's life (ProleteR tribute)
    Great electro swing. Not overworked with a real homage to the original artists.
  8. Mad Monkees
    by Mad Monkees
    Bombman Bombman
    Go Brazil!! Go Mad Monkeys! Rock on dudes.
  9. Bastille
    by Lost Bayou Ramblers Feat. Gordon Gano
    Bastille Bastille
    I have search high and low for some good old French Cajun music and Bi Jove here it is. Fantastic
  10. One To Nothing (Diddley EP)
    by There Will Be Blood
    Timmy And The Bear Timmy And The Bear
  11. Andrew Sisters / Glen Miller - In The Mood Vocal Mix (Mista Trick Remix)
    by Mista Trick
    Mr Mista Trick knows just how far to push these old classics. I'm a great fan of the old swing genre but these are great contemporary versions. well done keep em coming
  12. Hold Tight
    by Dance, Monkey, Dance!
    It Just tickles my fancy. I love the sound of a bit of brass in there.
  13. St. Tropez (Radio Edit)
    by Intended Immigration
    What a great little electro swing track thanks guys. I will check more of your stuff out.
  14. Madeleine Crumbles
    by Major Parkinson
    WOW! not sure what this is but it is big and great. a full rich sonic experience . I'll be buying more.
  15. ...and they did live
    by Harriers Of Discord
    No More Than Mere Man No More Than Mere Man
    Ok.! So this is fantastic stuff. Labels and genres and tabs may not define them.
    They are bonkers. But i think they have hit on something that makes them unique. i dont imagine anyone sounds like them. Listen enjoy and work it out for yourself.
  16. The Devil Never Comes
    by Molly Rhythm
    Badge for a Cape Badge for a Cape
    What the Hell. This is great stuff. Its mental but its great
  17. Claws
    by 1000mods
    Brilliant heavy rock metal stuff just the single now but ill get the album soon. buy and enjoy
  18. My Babe & Me
    by Les Deuxluxes
    This has been on my wish list for ages but now I've bought it. Its just good old fashioned rock music great vocals
  19. Nowzah! (I Don't Accept Your Rules)
    by O Sister!
    Great Swing well done guys Gracias
  20. Cheap Red Wine
    by Stone Falcons
    Great French Rock, blues, desert stuff Ill be getting the album next
  21. Down With Me
    by the Big Nose Attack
    Love this track. Blues with a twist
  22. Surf n Turf
    by Boogie Board
    On The Other Side On The Other Side
    OK now this is an odd one it is a bit rubbish but I cant stop listening to it. The tracks are nice and short. Perfect for my running playlist
  23. Ofakombolo 
    by Jupiter & Okwess
    YAY for the Congo / Zaire Music. I love it guys good use of a bit of more modern guitar action. Like Kanda Bongo Man on steroids
  24. The Railroad Band
    by The Railroad Band
    Just Like A Bird Just Like A Bird
    Good solid blues thanks guys
  25. We Share Our Mother's Health
    by White Shadow
    Great Rock Metal band. Check out the album "Panopticon"
  26. Throw Me A Line (Radio Edit)
    by IAMEVE
  27. Perez Prado - Moliendo Cafe (Mista Trick Remix)
    by Mista Trick
    Wow I find myself a fan of this guys electro Swing groove . More please sir!
  28. Me and the Devil
    Summer spleen Summer spleen
    This is the first full bandcamp album I've bought. great heavy grinding blues.
    not a dud track on it. great stuff guys
  29. Fallon City Messiah
    by Hey Satan
    tagged as just "rock" this album is much more. if your into the heavy side of things without going doom. listen in.
  30. Eastern-Western - EP
    by AlgoRythmiK
    Ennio Morricone - Poker D'Assi (AlgoRythmiK Remix) Ennio Morricone - Poker D'Assi (AlgoRythmiK Remix)
    Not sure what to call this . Definitely has the swing element But it has an intangible something well worth listening to.A bit crazy yet compelling.
  31. Elle and The Pocket Belles - Summer Time (Mista Trick Remix)
    by Elle and The Pocket Belles
    YAY!!!! smooth slick revisit to an old classic
  32. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Mista Trick Remix)
    by Mista Trick
    Yay !! old and new smashed together buy it and boogie !!!!
  33. Love Bites [Judas Priest Cover]
    by White Shadow
    a great revisit of a priest classic. thanks for it. the rest of the album is pretty cool too.
  34. Marble Moon
    by Pretty Lightning
    love this track. hard genre to pin down but great riffs and beats. great to run to.
  35. hold on me
    by The Budrows
    Go the Budrows. Fun Sassy blues new style but true to its roots.
  36. New Orleans
    by The Bang Bang
    Great Music. Great new sound. I cant put my finger on this but listen and love
  37. Go Home
    by Summer Cannibals
    Its rough and raw but it is awesome. Keep the music coming
  38. Road Train
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    My God! amazing stuff!
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. You Fool! Warren Is Dead!
    by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
    Great bit of musical madness
  40. Organ Donor
    by The GTVs
    Organ Donor Organ Donor
    WOW. definately a sixties thing here but slick and oh so groovy. love the Hammond organ.
  41. RIOT!!
    by The Coasts
    foot tapping awesomeness. thanks Coast.!!
  42. Classic Girl
    by Deidre & the Dark
    Wow. Great voice like something from the past but very much new and fresh can't wait for more.
  43. Caramelos
    by Orkesta Mendoza
    What a great sound! I'm not usually a Latin music fan but this is different,full flavoured fun
  44. Lee Harvey Oswald
    by Brian Wright
    I gotta a dog called Lee Harvey Oswald. need I say more.
    appears in 1 other collection
  45. Teeth of the Sea – Greatest of all time mix
    by Goat
    Oh my goodness gracious me! I have stumbled onto GOAT and they are mighty
    appears in 1 other collection