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  1. Wave of Babies (digital single)
    by Animals As Leaders
    Can a track from this band even *be* underrated at this point? It's excellent, obviously.
  2. Melancholia
    by Save Us From The Archon
    Trancing Nostalgia Trancing Nostalgia
    If you enjoy the negative space that SUFTA uses to transition between songs, you will like this album. If that's not your thing, then you will still find solid, consistent songs here. It's worth checking out no matter what because there is just no other band like this one.
  3. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
    The Holy Mountain The Holy Mountain
    This is one of the best works of art ever given to the world. Enough said.
  4. Permutations
    by The Mercury Tree
    Exhume the Worst Exhume the Worst
    I'm a sucker for utterly creative, genre-defying music. There's a certain amount of skill here in both the songwriting and its execution that demands (and rewards) listeners' attention.
  5. The Noble Art Of Denying Reality
    by Under The Bed
    Twi-Night Doubleheader Twi-Night Doubleheader
    I can't explain why this "anti-genre" album works so well, but it really does. There's a little bit of everything to be found here!
  6. Fear Eats the Soul
    by Save Us From The Archon
    stairwell (transgressing perpetually downward) stairwell (transgressing perpetually downward)
    Every piece of this puzzle fits together perfectly. If you're at all familiar with this band's past few releases, you'll be able to understand how they have really honed their sound and maximized what we love about it with this EP.
  7. Collusion
    by Abolish the Echelon
    Flesh Masquerade Flesh Masquerade
    In short, this is nothing less than an instant classic. Every track is full of moments that make me think, "That is exactly what my ears wanted." I cannot even stand the level of talent on display here. What a gift to the world!
  8. TSU
    by Zac Tiessen
    TSU (Remastered) TSU (Remastered)
    The word "chill" is sometimes used to describe music. If you don't understand why someone would refer to a song in such a manner, just listen to this.
  9. Pale Blue
    by Johari
    Soothe & Groove Soothe & Groove
    This is a very diverse, solid album! In particular, "Glass" and "Shutter" are excellent tracks. "Everest" is utterly infectious. This album displays the band's impressive versatility.
  10. How Terrible, the Undergrowth's Jaws That Tangle
    by Save Us From The Archon
    4c. (Silencia) 1612 Havenhurst 4c. (Silencia) 1612 Havenhurst
  11. Mental Abscess
    by The Bellerophon Project
    Mental Abscess Mental Abscess
    This is nothing short of next-level prog brilliance. I can't truly choose a favorite track among these five, so I'll go with the title track to suggest that the whole EP is amazing.
  12. Everything Beautiful
    by Akeldama
    Apotheosis Apotheosis
    The vocal interplay of good and evil combines with truly special musicianship to create this incredible album. This is a perfect example of knowing what you're doing, then proving it.
  13. Song of the Crippled Bull
    by Black Crown Initiate
    The Mountain Top The Mountain Top
    This EP is quite simply one of the most impressive debuts ever. It's crushingly heavy and creatively written throughout.
  14. Acoasm
    by Acoasm
    Ambient Ambient
    There's really nothing missing from this album. There's plenty of aggression, perfectly placed atmospheric elements throughout, and even "Sanskrit" to satisfy those who feel this kind of music needs vocals. It's a top-notch effort.
  15. Lost In
    by ForTiorI
  16. Eunoia
    by Invalids
    Ursine Valor Ursine Valor
  17. Saṃsāra
    by Wide Eyes
    Black Star Black Star
    When the perfect opening riff of Transmigration kicks in, you simply feel that this album is going to be an intense experience. It does not disappoint whatsoever. The Black Star/An Awakening pair is among the best sections I've heard from any album!
    by Emergence
    Retrace The Lines Retrace The Lines
  19. In Two (A)
    by Peculate
    Extra Varnish Please Extra Varnish Please
  20. Living Mirrors
    by Disperse
    Message from Atlantis Message from Atlantis
  21. Dead Presidents
    by SILENCE
    Chroma Paralysis Chroma Paralysis
  22. Some Things We Carry, Always
    by Save Us From The Archon
    brightness will bloom from the seeds that you’ve sown brightness will bloom from the seeds that you’ve sown
  23. Sloan
    by ForTiorI
    Entangled Entangled
  24. The DuckCore Compilation - Volume I (Part II)
    by DuckCore
    Anaerob - Att Dränka Havet Anaerob - Att Dränka Havet
  25. The DuckCore Compilation - Volume I (Part I)
    by DuckCore
    Xehanort - Entry VIII: Heartless (NEW SONG) Xehanort - Entry VIII: Heartless (NEW SONG)