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  1. The Great Wide Open
    by Lights & Motion
    I See You (ft. Frida Sundemo) I See You (ft. Frida Sundemo)
    Christopher Franzen's genius is just beginning to shine its light outside the loyal legion of Bandcampers to the rest of the world his projects continue to enlighten.
    Lights & Motion releases are essential collections for lovers of epic cinematic instrumental orchestrations.
    There is little doubt that "The Great Wide Open" will continue in that tradition of sonic harmonic masterpieces from his body & soul.
    Thankfully we got to experience this meteoric rise here on BC first.
  2. A New Dawn
    by Floating In Space
    Dusk (feat. Aniah Alves) Dusk (feat. Aniah Alves)
    Spanish Studio Project much in similar vein to Lights & Motion this effort is great soothing pastoral instrumental soundscapes.
    The Vocals by Aniah Alves on "Dusk" make this stunning set of sonic orchestrations essential purchase if not for this track alone.
    Given these times of Social Distancing the world is experiencing these days; "A New Dawn" definitely appears to be on the horizon.
  3. Northern Star Records - Lockdown Live
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
    Yesterday Morning Yesterday Morning
    93MillionMiles continue to mine the classic UK 90's shoegaze sound in their music and if that is your "Happy Place" for that style of Music then this release is the ticket for you.
    "Unfamiliar" quickly brings to mind RIDE just as "You Only Said" conjures Neil Halstead & Slowdive.
    A Great "Live on Air" in Studio Set from these stalwart nu-gazers.
  4. Covers & Compilations
    by Spotlight Kid
    Rave Endgame Rave Endgame
    The Covers on this set are reason enough to purchase this collection.
    Yet the original tracks are even better than those.
    Heavenly ethereal female vocals underpin
    One of the most underrated shoegaze bands of all time.
    A true crime that this band does not get the recognition they so richly deserve.....
    Slowdive & Lush fans; Spotlight Kid releases are essential listening......
  5. SK From The Archives Part 1
    by Spotlight Kid - From The Archives Part 1
    April (demo) April (demo)
    Insight into the early beginnings of UK Shoegazers with demos and unused tracks.
    Highlight of "Disaster Tourist" LP "April" is here in very raw form but a welcome inclusion on this collection for novices to the band's sound or "die-hards" like me.
    Here's hoping to NEW Music in the near future.
    by Mogwai
    Major Treat Major Treat
    You had me at "Mogwai"
    Surreal haunting sonic landscapes from one of the All Time Giants in instrumental music
    Moody & Majestic in scope.
  7. Sunroom Sanctuary
    by Beachglass
    And the Sunset And the Sunset
    These Canucks are a treasure for Dreampop fans on Bandcamp.
    6 solid trax over 30 minutes & my only regret is that I did not want it to end that soon.
    Andrea Cormier's multi-tracked honey-coated female vocals soar over these mesmerizing melodies.
    A modern jangle/pysch vibe flows through this set that definitely calls to mind underground 60's music.
    Hard to pick out favorite track as all trax are varied & textured in nuances that have their own individual charms.
    More please.....
  8. The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
    by Explosions in the Sky
    Your Hand In Mine Your Hand In Mine
    The "Gold Standard" LP in Post Rock from One of the Mt.Rushmore Bands of the Genre.
    The fact that these tracks are never far removed from current EITS live sets still today should tell you all you need to know about the reverence placed on this set.
    What is Post Rock Music?
    Simply put...."The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place."
    Not Back then & Definitely not NOW!
  9. Record
    by Breeze
    Paradise (Slow Edit) *bonus Paradise (Slow Edit) *bonus
    Indie Guitar Pop Gems from Debut Set....Covering Dream Pop, Jangle Pop w/C-86 overtones and gauzy guitar effects. The vocals are melodic yet distant appearing as if from out of the ether.
    Check out guitar effects on "Pillow."
    Fans of Sarah Records Era Bands should really enjoy this set.
    Very infectious "Breezy" shimmering pop confections served up here.....Yummy!
  10. Clouding
    by Beachglass
    Glass Glass
    Once Andrea's mesmerizing "cooing" vocalizations sink their hooks into you you are transported on billowing clouds of psychedelic tones supported by killer melodic guitar.
    Simply teleports you both back in time to mini-skirts, seedy dive-bars and smoke filled rooms while keeping one foot firmly in the present tense.
    Come taste Beachglass & be cast under their spell too.....
  11. Solace
    by Vicious Blossom
    Emerald Emerald
    Not Sure why this is being missed among the Bandcamp Shoegazer & DreamPop Core.
    The Rob Dickinson-like Vocals might be more of an acquired taste these days perhaps.....but the music is "straight up" classic & timeless 90's Creation Records Bliss.
    Bri's ethereal vocals provide a nice counter balance on 5 of the "softer" tracks.
    I mean Simon Scott (Slowdive) even remixed 1 of the trax from this set.....C'mon now.........
    Time to Step Up!
    (NYP) STEAL!
  12. Shimaru (LP)
    by The Cherry Wave
    Pure Burst Pure Burst
    Definitely a must have for purveyors of Noise Pop.....this rocks hard.!
    Guitar work is reminiscent of Mould's SUGAR confections.
    Melodic, yet distorted and gazy all at the same time.
    "pure burst" is Swervedriver like phased out trippy album closer.
    Currently a Bandcamp (NYP) GEM.
    Lazer Guided Melodies indeed.
  13. Honeysuckle
    by Bedroom Eyes
    Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
    Genre Blending Noise Rock from Bedroom Eyes with phased Guitars producing both melodic structures and cacophonous swirling dirges.
    Hazy ghostly vocals hangover the fuzzy sonic landscapes creating otherworldly atmospheres.
    The aggressive guitars threaten to run this train right off the tracks.
    Controlled Chaos....Brilliant Start.
  14. A Long Journey Home
    by A Light in the Dark
  15. Air
    by Astronoid
  16. Astronoid
    by Astronoid
  17. New Kinda Love
    by NOTCHES
    Sober Souls Sober Souls
    A little Punk.....A little Pop with some emo flair thrown in for good measure.
    This trio can thrash with the best of them but this gets high marks for its production values and time signature changes mid-song on opening track.
    Flies by much too quickly but enjoyable effort.
  18. Live at Flanger Studio (March 2019)
    by Life on Venus
    What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath
    Floating shimmering dreampop melodies riding a wave of male/female VOX harmonies.
    Killer hooks and guitar EFX pedals on billowing hypnotic songcraft.
    Last 2 Trax from latest LP.
    Mesmerizing sonic shoegazed architecture.
  19. Black Aura My Sun
    by Deserta
    Hide Hide
    Deserta brings to mind so many touchstone genre bands over the past 20 or so are sure to find a track that reminds you of one of your favs be it past or present.
    Gauzy....Hazy..."Hide" is "blissed-out" centerpiece of this 7 track sonic architecture of ethereal space.
    "Be So Blue" has memorable melody and guitar harmonics.
    Black Aura My Sun is a Highlight of Early 2020 Bandcamp Soundscapes.
  20. Violet Hour
    by Alunah
    Lake Of Fire Lake Of Fire
    Alunah have not missed a step in adding new Vocalist Sian Greenaway to the fold replacing founding vocalist Sophie Day.
    The Sabbathian Riffage still remains as Alunah guitarists have always worshipped at the Iommi Altar.
    The New Blood injected into the band has definitely had a rejuvenating effect for all proceedings contained within remain as testament to Alunah's powerful Doom Mastery.
    They continue to be a worthy successor to the most famous Band ever to come out of Birmingham UK.