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Evan Ramirez

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  1. Lion Heart Murmur
    by David Plell
  2. NE-HI EP
    by NE-HI
  3. Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha
    by Deathprod
  4. forever & ever
    by SALES
    Spiral Spiral
  5. Coda
    by Radiation City
    Ghost Organ Ghost Organ
  6. Poach
    by Navy Gangs
    Carrot Tops Carrot Tops
  7. Navy Gangs EP
    by Navy Gangs
    Mondays Mondays
    after a few consecutive listens, 'Monday's beauty unfolded before my very eyes and lemme tell ya, thats shit's better'n druqs
  8. Now Only
    by Mount Eerie
    Distortion Distortion
  9. New Material
    by Preoccupations
    Disarray Disarray
  10. Mount Eerie
    by the Microphones
    IV. Mount Eerie IV. Mount Eerie
    Like 'Kid A' or 'To Be Kind,' this album is found on the final frontier of music. The first album which physically affected me and put me in a midday stupor which lasted a week. It is beyond criticism or any kind of judgement, really. The story which unfolds through these five 'tracks' is so far out my grasp; it's bigger than all of us.
  11. Two Trains (new recording)
    by Gareth Dickson
  12. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
    Headless Horseman Headless Horseman
  13. CCFX EP
    by CCFX
    The One To Wait The One To Wait
  14. Rock Island
    by Palm
    Color Code Color Code
  15. A Crow Looked At Me
    by Mount Eerie
    Ravens Ravens
  16. Johnny Utah
    by johnny utah
    Her Bangs Her Bangs
  17. It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water
    by the Microphones
    the Glow the Glow
  18. Paul Baribeau
    by Paul Baribeau
    Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Paul's ability to sound both heart wrenchingly honest and ambivalently loving is beyond splendid. I admire the raw, acoustic energy on tracks such as 'Brown Brown Brown', as well as the soft, cute storytelling of 'Strawberry'.

    Paul Baribeau is a rad dude!
  19. bliss
    by ghost orchard
    separate separate
  20. Who Really Cares
    by TV Girl
    Safe Word Safe Word
    Brad has really hit his stride with this release. Full of catchy and cleverly written pop tunes that use the concept of a sample to its full potential. The whole record is cohesive while allowing every song to fully realize itself and become its own piece.
    A top 5 of 2016 !