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  1. Monterrey, Mexico
  2. Rock
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  1. Wishfield
    by Wishfield
  2. Totem Youth
    by kokomo
  3. The Memory Empire
    by Atsuko Chiba
    by All shall be well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)
    Satie’s ‘Gymnopedie No. 1’, reimagined Satie’s ‘Gymnopedie No. 1’, reimagined
    Amo la combinación de la música clásica con el post rock, saludos amigos 🇲🇽
  5. Wasted Mind
    by Glaze
    Who Can Say Who Can Say
    With this song live I'll cry, who can say I cried?
  6. Dimensions
    by Glaze
  7. Daisy
    by Glaze
  8. The Thread
    Sugar & Anxiety Sugar & Anxiety
  9. Out of Luck
    It's Over Now It's Over Now
    l <3 the feeling you put on every song
  10. Witch
    by Witch
  11. GlazeTV
    by Glaze
    Yuki Yuki
    Me gusta lo agresivo y la melodía, la calma de los acordes y la agresión de la batería, 👌🏻10/10 fav: “Yuki y Beetlejuice”

    P.D: espero traigan merch para Monterrey! 🕶⛰
  12. Transmission Zero
    by Transmission Zero
  13. Trivial Misanthrope
    by Battle Axe Culture
  14. Visitation (single)
    by GILT
  15. Fossor, in Pieces
    by Cemeteries
  16. Blush Response & Warm
    by Blush Response & Warm
  17. Tatrzański oniryzm
    by Bruno Janiszewski
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. In the Wind
    by Suffering Astrid
    This song makes feel at peace and at the same time uneasy about something, and I don’t know what it is and makes me anxious, all I want is to feel in peace...
  19. 18 Summers
    by Rome Hero Foxes
  20. Horoscope EP
    by Rome Hero Foxes
  21. I/O
    by Rome Hero Foxes
  22. Bewilder EP
    by Daise
  23. Blackroom
    by Daise
  24. Empires Will Fall
  25. По Небу Полуночи
    by По Небу Полуночи
    Как едкий дым Как едкий дым
    🧡 The music speak for itself, I love every second of it!
  26. Before This Wilderness Consumes Us
    by Feed Me To The Waves
  27. Being Where I Thought I'd Be
    by Just Neighbors
    Don’t regret nothing! One of my fav albums of this year!. Favorite song: Disconnect <3
  28. Through a Glass, Darkly
    by Through a Glass, Darkly
  29. Infinite Paths
    by Alderaan
  30. Imperfect
    by Various artists
  31. S/T
    by Elle
  32. late bloom
    by good times
  33. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
  34. Dream, You Dream
    by Numbered Sounds
  35. Prati, Ombre, Monoliti
    by Gli Altri
  36. Stay the Same
    by Sunsleeper
  37. Pre Columbians / Honduras
    by Edelweiss
  38. Mòn
    by Appalaches
  39. luv lee
    by Richard Orofino
  40. Demons (Single)
    by We Deserve This
  41. Acrylic Road
    by The Arborist
  42. Poke the Robot
    by Numbered Sounds
  43. Inner Estuaries
    by Suffering Astrid
  44. Hit The Air
    by Basic Land
  45. About Everything And More
    by Dorena