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  1. Wyrd Syster
    by Acid Magus
    Conscientious Pugilist Conscientious Pugilist
  2. Road to Siberia
    by Lunar Funeral
    Black Bones Black Bones
  3. The Purple Skull
    by Black Spell
    Dark Priest Of Hell Dark Priest Of Hell
  4. Live In New York July 30th, 1972
    by Captain Beyond
    Armworth Armworth
  5. Geezer
    by Geezer
    Sun Gods Sun Gods
  6. Ash And Dust
    by Year of the Cobra
    The Divine The Divine
  7. Stoned Monkey
    by Sacri Suoni
    Green House Green House
  8. 10π
    by The Re-Stoned
    Chromagnetic Stomp Chromagnetic Stomp
  9. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
    Sing No Coda Sing No Coda
  10. Exploration
    by CB3 (Official)
    Daydreams Daydreams
  11. Astral Lore
    by Zong
  12. Electric Smoke
    by KING WEED
  13. Merlin's Bizarre Adventure
    by Merlin
  14. Grober Unfug
    by Fuzziebär
    Benzin Benzin
  15. Sir Robin & The Longbowmen
    by Sir Robin & The Longbowmen
    by SPECK
  17. Cult of Blood
    by Black Capricorn
  18. The Outskirts Of Reality
    by Yuri Gagarin
  19. Graveyard Rites
    by Lucifer's Fall
    Lucifer's Fall - The Asylum / Graveyard Rising Lucifer's Fall - The Asylum / Graveyard Rising
  20. IV
    by Sun of Man
    Tootindakarman Tootindakarman