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  1. In the Wind
    by R.I.P.
    Black Leather Black Leather
  2. Zeroin
    by Dope Smoker
    Fifty Weapons Fifty Weapons
  3. Tried and True
    by Tia Carrera
    Tried and True Tried and True
  4. Supercluster
    by Salem's Bend
    Thinking Evil Thinking Evil
  5. UnderMudBlues
    by Lunar Swamp
    Green Swamp Green Swamp
  6. Witch of the Future
    by Black Road
    Hash King Hash King
  7. Akuma Kin
    by Lucifungus
    Soul thief Soul thief
  8. RYTE - Ryte
  9. Heavy Trip
    by Heavy Trip
    Hand of Shroom Hand of Shroom
  10. Kaikuja
    by ASHTAR
    Between Furious Clouds Between Furious Clouds
  11. Underground And Beyond
    by Lucifer Was
    The Green Pearl The Green Pearl
  12. The Skull
    by Trouble
  13. Psalm 9
    by Trouble
  14. Casting the Circle
    by High Priestess
    Invocation Invocation
  15. Mythical & Magical (Remaster 2019)
    by Pagan Altar (Official)
    Dance of the Druids Dance of the Druids
  16. Live at Tempe Arizona
    by Gates of Slumber
    Coven of Cain Coven of Cain
  17. Lords of Hypocrisy (Remaster 2019)
    by Pagan Altar (Official)
    Armageddon Armageddon
  18. Altar Of Resurrection
    by Doomentor
    Rise Of Für Emperor Rise Of Für Emperor
  19. Black Space Riders
    by Black Space Riders
    BLACK BOOK OF COSMIC SALVATION part II: I, black space messiah BLACK BOOK OF COSMIC SALVATION part II: I, black space messiah
  20. Bewitched
    by Midnight Coven
    Conditioned Nation Conditioned Nation