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Jessica Stewart

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  1. Songs of Supergiant Games
    by Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett
  2. Hades: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  3. Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself
    by MC Frontalot
  4. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  5. Death Road to Canada - OST
    by Joey Grady
  6. Level 6
    by Miracle Of Sound
  7. The Swindle OST extended
    by Tobey Evans
  8. Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack
    by Makyo / Sam Bird
  9. Hush
    by Michael Guy Bowman
  10. MASSIVE CHALICE: Original Soundtrack
    by Double Fine Productions
  11. Broken Age: Original Soundtrack
    by Double Fine Productions
  12. Songs Unsung
    by TenseiMusic
  13. Color Sky
    by Ben Prunty
  14. Curious Merchandise
    by Ben Prunty
  15. Transistor: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
    Impossible Impossible
    Much like Bastion before it, the soundtrack was what turned Transistor from a good game to a great game!
  16. FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
    Hacking Malfunction (Battle) Hacking Malfunction (Battle)
  17. Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack
    by Laura Shigihara
  18. FTL
    by Ben Prunty
    Rockmen (Battle) Rockmen (Battle)
  19. Volume 7
    by Walt Ribeiro
  20. Comfortable Bugs
    by Michael Guy Bowman