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  1. LIVE
    by Koma Saxo
    Fiskeskärsmelodin (live) Fiskeskärsmelodin (live)
    Mardi Gras in Valhalla
  2. Andreas Røysum Ensemble
    by Andreas Røysum Ensemble
  3. An Important Message to Every Man and Woman in America Losing His or Her Hair
    by Suho Meso
  4. Rostro del Sol
    by Rostro Del Sol
  5. A Pegada Agora É Essa (The Sway Now)
    by Antonio Neves
  6. Untitled Album 1
    by ATKA
    like being caught in a blizzard of razorblades
  7. East Pakistan Sky
    by Ustad Saami
    Night Falls (Desert Melody) Night Falls (Desert Melody)
    ancient, awe-inspiring and beautiful
  8. Grand Picture Palace
    by Grand Picture Palace
    Lucie Lucie
    sophisticated and demonstrating appropriate decorum, but not afraid to get hands dirty if the situation calls for it
  9. Chaos Remains
    by Kurushimi
    The Mysteries of Chaos The Mysteries of Chaos
    it sounds like Tetsuo (the iron man)'s nightmares
  10. Free Distance, Vol. 1: Love is More Thicker
    by Samo Salamon & New Freequestra
    improvised breathing
  11. Moon Drenched
    by Dwyer, Sawyer, Kerlin, Dolas, Caulkins, Malone, Rodriguez, Boye, Soubiran, Myers-Ionita, Renteria
    The War Clock The War Clock
    liquid jazz
  12. Kuroi Jukai
    by 黒い樹海
    V V
    not your grandma's grindcore
  13. Pray
    by Joe Armon-Jones
  14. Alkisah / Once Upon a Time in Avon
    by Senyawa
    devotional hymns to the gods (new and Old) of the post-apocalyptic drowned world
  15. Where Will The River Flow
    by Matt Carmichael
    Where Will The River Flow Where Will The River Flow
  16. Vaguely Delimited Targets
    by Tomáš Knoflíček
    cold, wet metal in the woods, early in the morning
  17. Rooftop Stories
    by Petros Klampanis
    Footprints Footprints
  18. PSYCHIC LIVE JULY 17 2014
    Paper Trails - Live July 17 2014 Paper Trails - Live July 17 2014
  19. 4
    by Joshua Chuquimia Crampton
    a rare look at the elusive "guitar" in its natural habitat
  20. Bangalore
    by MKM: Jason Kahn / Günter Müller / Norbert Möslang
    this sounds like all the secrets that electricity would tell us if it could