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  1. Grand Picture Palace
    by Grand Picture Palace
    Lucie Lucie
    sophisticated and demonstrating appropriate decorum, but not afraid to get hands dirty if the situation calls for it
  2. VoI II
    by Spelljammer
    Aun's Mountain Aun's Mountain
    if all your riffs are the shit, you only need three riffs
  3. illusory expansion
    by Crazy Doberman
    like a noisy Duke Ellington.
  4. Escape The Flames
    by Binker and Moses
    Moses lays down a groove like a rodeo bull thrashing around in time to the heartbeat of the Earth and then Binker just rides it like a funky horse
  5. LIVE
    by Koma Saxo
    Fiskeskärsmelodin (live) Fiskeskärsmelodin (live)
    Mardi Gras in Valhalla
  6. Rehearsal '21
    by Heáfodbán
    I found this in the woods and took it home with me and now I'm being stalked day and night by a a weird-looking dog and the sound of children singing in a language no one understands any more
  7. Widdershins
    by Spyros Polychronopoulos / Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris / Iakovos Pavlopoulos
  8. Roots To Branches
    by Soojin Suh
  9. Ordainment Of Divinity
    by Skeleton
    a tiny screaming black hole to carry around in your heart
  10. Water Music
    by John Pope and John Garner
  11. Babylon Detonator
    by Gorgon Vomit
    Jah Wretch Jah Wretch
    like drowning in a lake of burning shit
    equal parts hard bop, grunge rock, retro platformer and saturday morning cartoon
  13. Repulsive Bodies
    by Liquid Shit
    life hack: try breaking all the bones in your body then starting a fight with the toughest asshole you can find, so everyone will know you are not to be fucked with
  14. "everyone is rolling down a hill" or "the journey to the center of some arcane mystery and the engtanglements of the vines and veins of the cosmic and unwieldy miliue encountered in the midst of that endeavor"
    by crazy doberman
  15. Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war))
    by jaimie branch
  16. Acoustic Shadows
    by Lea Bertucci
    approximately 2,000 feet tall and made entirely of obsidian
  17. Rubikon
    by There Be Monsters
  18. Bealusorg
    by Heáfodbán
  19. crazy doberman
    by crazy doberman
  20. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
    it's like smoking dirty black hashish from a 13th Century alembic