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  1. Throwing Spikes (feat. Kool Keith)
    by Beatahoe and Boxguts
  2. SLUDGE LIFE (Original SoundTrack)
    by doseone
    Cuz it’s killer and STILL WAITING ON THAT SWITCH VERSION haha
  3. Circle
    by Boom Bip & doseone
    One of the Top 3 in my opinion man. I’ve got the OG Vinyl LP framed in my room as inspiration (and Vertex Vinyl Rereleased by Buck 65) This LP blew my mind, expanded my whole conception ofhip hop thus far; same w/ many friends I’d make too... hell, I remember meditating to the whole LP with two of my dogs from back in the day; UNTIL Gahhh! GIIIN! That’s still unnerving man! BOOM BIP DOSE need 2 do a sequel & Circle the Square (&MaybeBUCK) on these Renaissance reinventing wheel cats
  4. DISC ROOM (Original SoundTrack)
    by doseone
    Cause it gets me hype to play the game & ALL these OSTs deserve so much more attention man! Adam Doseone Drucker, now added to another list of mine; one of the illest to ever touch composition 4 game OSTs jus wish they all had lyrics like SamuraiiGunn (yeah, super fan if you can’t tell 👽) don’t make it less true tho!
  5. EXIT THE GUNGEON (Original SoundTrack)
    by doseone
    Most sonically perfect sequel OST when paired with Enter The Gungeon!
  6. G is for JOB
    by doseone
    What’s not to love bout the whole G series of LPsn Art come on nah! Haha 😎
  7. BMHE Presents - Mr. Y.U.G. - 20 Years of the Hardest BANGers
    by Mr. Y.U.G.
  8. Death Miracles
    by Cage
  9. CAPE
    by CAPE
  10. Cheap Shots Riffs: Masters of the Universe
    by Cheap Shots Movie Riffs
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Cheap Shots Riffs: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Freddys Revenge
    by Cheap Shots Movie Riffs
  12. Drowning In Restricted Thought
    by Crossworm
  13. Finding X
    by Crossworm
  14. Buck 65 "Laundromat Boogie" (Produced by Jorun Bombay)
    by Buck 65 (Produced By Jorun Bombay)
  15. Witchez Brew
    by L.U. Cipha
  16. Lost Uncovered
    by L.U. Cipha
  17. Wicked Reality
    by Ghetto Devil
  18. HUNT ME
    by GO DARK
    Hitman Dip Hitman Dip
    One of the illest tracks from the cassette only version of BitchSword!
  19. Deadly Nightshade
    by L.U. Cipha
  20. Witchez Night
    by L.U. Cipha