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  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Recognize Tha Light
    by Recognize Ali
  2. The Beautiful Hoax
    by Shyste & Rob Viktum
    by BALD AFRO
  4. My Favorite Day Parade
    by Teddy Faley
    by Tems
  6. Bundle Raps
    by Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog
  7. Book of the Dead
    by Babylon Dead
  8. The Intro
    by King Dusty
  9. Here's Mud In Your Eye
    by Krum & Theory Hazit
  10. Sexy Beast
    by Self Jupiter
  11. General Jihad & Prime Minister P-Nutz
    by Jihad the Roughneck MC
  12. The Little Assassination Handbook
    by Jihad the Roughneck MC
  13. The Red Sentence
    by Jihad the Roughneck MC
  14. Woe To Thee O'land If Thy King Is A Child
    by Nephlim Modulation Systems
  15. Bare Knuckle Gospel
    by Krum & Rob Viktum
  16. Black Lung
    by Krum
    We are bombarded with so much bullshit through TV and radio now adays it's always refreshing when unique and artful music make their way to your ear through all the static.. and you know right away as soon as the beat hits you have uncovered a gem. Krum and theory hazit.. what can I say.. it boggles mind that the crap you hear pushed on the radio get the play it does, and gems like this get criminally slept on. Once again.. Im blown away by your music. Peace and love.
  17. we are the karma kids
    by The Karma Kids
  18. Grayskul & Maker ‎– Graymaker
    by Grayskul & Maker
  19. y'all still ain't washin' y'all hands.
    by Theory Hazit
  20. A Noose and a Nudge
    by Lex Talionis