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  1. Limbs Appear
    by Holy Locust
    by LOST DOG street band
  3. Teenage Halloween
    by Teenage Halloween
  4. No Boyfriend November
    by Local News Legend, Mary Wander
  5. Fever Dream
    by Holy Locust
    Tangled In Ropes Tangled In Ropes
  6. [more than you asked for]
    by HappyHappy
  7. Dance Before You Sleep
    by Ducking Punches
  8. Burn It All!
  9. Cliché Definitions of Success
    by Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra
  10. i thought i'd be dead by now
    by murder person for hire
  11. Pipe Dream
    by Apes of the State
  12. L'appel Du Vide.
    by HappyHappy
  13. COMP 2020
    by Tape Dad
  14. Ghosted
    by Groaners
  15. Destroying
    by Blackbird Raum
  16. Swidden
    by Blackbird Raum
  17. New Juice
    by Sour Guy
  18. Stay Inside
    by Just Nick
  19. Thoughts of the Night
    by Hannah Mayree
  20. Dark Comedy Performance Piece of My Life
    by Walter Etc.