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  1. absurdity
    by against realism
  2. Go to Ground
    by The True Faith
  3. Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware
    by SeeYouSpaceCowboy
  4. Unmake Me
    by Parting
  5. you left me in the garden
    by rainsdeaf
  6. Loving Everywhere I Go
    by Hudson Taylor
  7. SDR-010 ANORAK! - ANORAK!
    by Slow Down Records
  8. Destiny XL
    by they are gutting a body of water
    by Kaho Matsui
  10. Mantra Songs (15 Year Anniversary Re-Issue)
    by Jordaan Mason
  11. 12 Days of Chillmas (Vol. 5)
    by Chillwavve Records
  12. The Cult of Flesh and Blood
    by gammaGIRL
  13. Things That Go "Chug" In The Night (Live VHS)
    by Mind Goblin
  14. WESTERN UNION - Birds Fear Death / Digikitty
    by Digikitty, Birds Fear Death
  15. Cosmonaut
    by Pickle Darling
  16. Winter Demo 2022
    by Every Promise Kept
  17. FO-136 Thanks A Million
    by Pique
  18. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
  19. Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Chat Pile
    by portrayal of guilt