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  1. Reign of the Unending
    by Death Fortress
  2. Ór Ymis Holdi
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
  3. The Idea of North
    by Norilsk
  4. Le Passage des Glaciers
    by Norilsk
  5. Weepers of the Land
    by Norilsk
  6. Treachery
    by Theudho
  7. Estorat Taghoot
    by Al-Namrood
  8. Cult of Wuotan
    by Theudho
  9. When Ice Crowns the Earth
    by Theudho
  10. Morgue Whore
    by Morgue Whore
  11. Aseitas
    by Aseitas
  12. Norðr
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
  13. Volume Five
    by The Horn
  14. Járnviðr
    by Utstøtt
  15. War into the World
    by Theudho
  16. Under the Alemannic Sun
    by Theudho
  17. The Völsunga Saga
    by Theudho
  18. Volume 10
    by The Horn
  19. شکوه فراموش شده / Forgotten Glory
    by اکوان (Akvan)
  20. selftitled
    by NONE
  21. Volkslieder
    by Minenwerfer
  22. Life has gone on long enough
    by NONE
  24. FKVV. Complete Discography
    by 1914
  25. Harmony
    by Skyforest
  26. Vinter (Album)
    by Hermóðr
  27. The Canterbury Tales
    by Chaucerian Myth
  28. Mon Royaume
    by Gargoylium
  29. ... De Cheminements et de Batailles ...
    by Gargoylium
  30. Fate of the Warrior
    by Winterthroned
  31. Unity
    by Skyforest
  32. Final Embers of Sunlight
    by Alaic
  33. Fire meets Ice
    by Ereb Altor
  34. Völuspá part I: Thor's Anger
    by Fortid
  35. Völuspá part II: The Arrival of Fenris
    by Fortid
  36. Demons in Medieval Times (2018)
    by Sunsunmoon
  37. Pagans in Medieval Times (2015)
    by Sunsunmoon
  38. The Tracks of the Hunted
    by Noire
  39. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  40. Oath of Allegiance
    by Holyarrow
  41. The Great Cold
    by The Great Cold
  42. Morgue Whore / Skeið
    by Skeið
  43. Alba
    by Heid
  44. Devour The Sun (instrumental)
    by vvilderness
  45. Devour The Sun
    by vvilderness