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  1. Collars
    by Collars
  2. Então Boa Sorte Com Isso da Supressão de Pensamentos...
    by Alexandre Lopes
  3. Eudaimonia
    by A Place In Prague
  4. ...In Potential LP
    by Please, Believe!
  5. Becoming All Things
    by Tobias Vokes
    Becoming All Things Becoming All Things
    A great, under-the-radar midwest emo release, a cross between Mineral and Mare Vitalis-era The Appleseed Cast with the current revival sound.
  6. The Paths That Never Crossed Again
  7. How Do Microphone
    by Saving Throw
  8. To Let Go Is To Grow
    by D O N Q U I X O T E
  9. If I give up
    by Cry, The Monarch
  10. SDR-29 Get Well, Kid - It All Goes Away & S/T
    by Slow Down Records
  11. Hiatus
    by Kismet
  12. ten things i hate about you
    by ten things i hate about you
  13. Hope Ransom
    by Glass City
    by Va Fa Napoli
  15. Stegosauro
    by Stegosauro
  16. It All Goes Away
    by Get Well, Kid
    Fox Mulder Fox Mulder
    Combine the twinkling ennui of the emo revival with the blown out, fuzz-drenched landscapes of shoegaze and endless hooks, and you get one incredible, catchy, and cathartic album. Get Well, Kid continues to be not only one of the finest artists in emogaze, but one of the best artists of contemporary emo, period.
  17. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
    by Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
  18. UNGL-024 Dochi Sadega - Düsseldorf EP
    by Dochi Sadega
  19. The Trees, Then The Buildings
    by Ben Leiper
  20. self titled (EP)
    by backbeforestreetlights