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  1. Live Demos 2018
    by Stepping Stones
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  2. Maintenant Que Les Flammes Sont Partout
    by Chaviré
  3. mayflower
    by Drunk Uncle
    How I Feel How I Feel
    Noodly emo revival-style screamo, erratic and heartfelt. FFO: Snowing, good times, Morning Effort
  4. s/t
    by horse & rider
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  5. Summerhill
    by Crusch
  6. Suburbanite
    by Carols
    Goodbye Goodbye
    Essentially, what if American Football's 'Five Silent Miles' were an EP instead of one song?
  7. Glare
    by Expert Timing
    I Just Might Surprise You I Just Might Surprise You
    Catchy emo pop with great choruses. FFO: Dowsing, Engines, Annabel
    A revival of a classic emo sound; a must-listen for any fans of The Pine.
  9. Routes
    by Passing a Starfighter
  10. Call A Priest
    by horse & rider
  11. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst
    by Words to a Film Score
    Back to Where We Started Back to Where We Started
    Emo in the 90s vein of post-hardcore, a classic and enduring sound. FFO: Texas Is The Reason, Pop Unknown, Sunny Day Real Estate
  12. Diáspora
    by Hélices
  13. The Time... To Come Back
    by Sad Breakfast
  14. Sad Breakfast
    by Sad Breakfast
  15. Don't Try To Forget... That's Why People Take Pictures
    by Sad Breakfast
  16. How To Go
    by Trapped in Kansas
  17. 'Only Child' Single
    by Trapped in Kansas
  18. Songs To Drive To; Cry, And Make Love To
    by Courtesy Drop
  19. Stabilize
    by Courtesy Drop
  20. Drama and the Boy Who Cried Compulsive Liar
    by Autumn Poetry
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