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  1. Blu Wav
    by Grandaddy / Jason Lytle
  2. Maladaptive Strategies Vol. 2
    by Bit Shifter
  3. Who Will You Believe
    by Pernice Brothers
  4. Choose your Fighter!
    by Nekonomicon
  5. Complete Christmas Songbook
    by Los Straitjackets
  6. ÁTTA
    by Sigur Rós
  7. S T Y G I A N
    by Isidor
  8. M700
    by Thee Deores
  9. Jenny from Thebes
    by the Mountain Goats
  10. 3rdburglar (2012)
    by Wordburglar
  11. Hiraeth
    by Lutharo
    Valley of the Cursed Valley of the Cursed
  12. Metalwaves
    by Nekonomicon
  13. Voicians (Part I)
    by Voicians
  14. Solid State
    by Soul Extract
  15. Machines of Our Disgrace
    by Circle of Dust
  16. Resurrection
    by Raizer
  17. Brute Force
    by The Algorithm
    by Fight The Fade
  19. Fuse
    by LeBrock
  20. Scandroid
    by Scandroid