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  1. Cargo Cult Science
    by Simon Heartfield
  2. Practically Educated
    by Savagen
  3. Those Who Still Remain
    by David Meiser
  4. ddr. Compilation 02
    by Dublin Digital Radio
  5. Şeb-i Yelda
    by R.A.N. (HÜMA UTKU)
  6. Mountain Divide
    by Lakker
  7. Moogle & Laminat
    by comfortzone
  8. Female Criminals Vol.I
    by Demian Licht
  9. Memento Mori
    by ÝRÝ
  10. Ghost
    by chra
  11. A New Terror Born in Death
    by Noctilucant
  12. FPD003
    by PRAGMA / SUM
  13. Época
    by Lakker
    Shoulder To The Bat Shoulder To The Bat
    Old & new... vintage & modern... some of the most interesting creativity occurs when genres shed an assumed identity... vive le difference!
  14. BansheeVa
    by BansheeVa
    Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On
    Loud, intimidating noise made by people you know & imbibe with regularly... can't beat that kind of action! Also Horse' is well titled to coincide with BREXIT ;-)
  15. Lunch box of Chaos
    by SUMUS
    LBOC3 - Physical Guts LBOC3 - Physical Guts
    Nostalgia for metaphysical textures explored in sound...
  16. Mechanistic Overlap
    by Darkfloor Sound
    I Like You Least Of All I Like You Least Of All
    Was scanning Matt TDK catalogue & stumbled on this gem. What a package. Ruins track has taken front seat but every track on this EP is a quality banger 👍
  17. ETXC003
    by Demian Licht & Eomac
  18. 0' EP
    by K7hz
  19. Last Frame EP
    by Simon Heartfield
  20. Forsaken Longing
    by Laura LAIR
  21. Find Me
    by LAIR
  22. Lost On The Red Hill
    by Pentagram Home Video
  23. Purely Accidental E.P
    by Accidental Tones
    A great collection of abrasive drones. Choice track is Reverse. Can see this causing great anxiety in children, animals & cosy domestic environments.
  24. Baba Yaga
    by Mater Suspiria Vision
    Dracula Dracula
    Captures the mechanical soul of industrial synthesizer music with a spaced out enigmatic concept. Occult Electronics unleashed! Perhaps my favorite MSV to date...
  25. Prince Of The Air
  27. Invocation Of The Demon Twin Vol. 1
    by Christoph de Babalon / Triames
  28. August
  29. Dyatlov
  30. King Remixes
    by D3Δ†H H3X
  31. Infinity
    by D3Δ†H H3X
  32. Arcana
    by D3Δ†H H3X
  33. Lunar Emanation
    by Amethyst Portal
    Reminiscent of an old sound which bound minimal electronic harmonies & rhythm with a profoundly dark spiritual aesthetic.
  34. PD-178 Phantasmagoria
    by Mater Suspiria Vision
    Metamorfose der Bestien Metamorfose der Bestien
    It appears to weave together vintage horror subculture & occult concepts with a modern industrial sound to create a highly enigmatic experience which only reveals so much but suggests much more...
  35. The Sound Repository 3
    by Wizards Tell Lies
    Pathway To Scraw (The Ninth Door Demo) Pathway To Scraw (The Ninth Door Demo)
    Stunning opener with quiet atmospherics leading into axe laden harmonic doom & distortion.
  36. Flower Of Yorkshire
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    The title really does say everything. Discrete harmonies, evoking a distinct winter pensiveness.
  37. Warning Mass
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    More brooding menace smothered in silky drones until an unsettling chord motif reveals its true malevolence.
  38. All Men Have Limits
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    Artwork triggers memories of Popol Vuh's Nosferatu opening titles. The track itself carries similar menace but travels to places where only sound, mind & imagination have any meaning. Spellbinding.
  39. When All Hell Breaks Loose
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    by traven.
    The darker places simply offer things the light reveals far too easily. This is quite a journey into uneasy landscapes of mystery & imagined fear...
  41. Side A
    by Miggs
    It feels like an epic excursion through sound & culture with a menacing edge.