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  1. Shadow Dwellers
    by Scary Black
  2. Without Emotions
    by EDO
    Lonely Soulmates Lonely Soulmates
  3. Remains of pleasure
    by Red Ulalume
    Huir Huir
  4. Disko Anksiyete
    by She Past Away
    Izole Izole
  5. Disko Anksiyete
    by She Past Away
    Izole Izole
    One spin is all it took to completely fall in love with this record. Long-awaited and absolutely perfect from start to finish.
  6. Dead Flowers
    by Magnified Desire
    Virginity Virginity
  7. Exposure
  8. The Vanish
    by Screaming City
    Factory Failure Factory Failure
  9. Without Emotions (NP-III)
    by EDO
    Lonely Soulmates Lonely Soulmates
  10. Sacred Spells
    by Various Artists
    Tower of Glass Tower of Glass
  11. Sacred Spells
    by Various Artists
    Tower of Glass Tower of Glass
  12. Honey Insulation EP
    by Trashlight
    Honey Insulation Honey Insulation
  13. Overshoot Days (DATA075)
    by Dubmood
  14. Part Time Punks Session
    by Twin Tribes
  15. Корни
    by Буерак
    Советский Парфюм Советский Парфюм
  16. EP
    by Las Ojeras
    Familia Familia
  17. Танцы По Расчёту
    by Буерак
    Танцы По Расчёту Танцы По Расчёту
  18. Shadows (exclusive vinyl master) / DW017
    by Twin Tribes
    The Vessel The Vessel
  19. Confused
    by Jeff Clark's
    Blank Blank
    So cold and atmospheric, with bright flanger bass riffs. I am really digging this!
  20. X
    by Vlimmer
    Nebelgeist Nebelgeist
  21. Morphine
    by SUPERNOVA 1006
    Morphine Morphine
    This band offers a lethal blend of styles. You simply have to hear it for yourself. Every track is tight and powerful. I am blown away.
  22. Demo 2018
    by TOCSIN
    History Repeats History Repeats
    Reminds heavily of Mephisto Walz - and that's a good thing! Cheers for those old-school goth vibes.
  23. Shadows
    by Twin Tribes
    The Vessel The Vessel
  24. Shadows
    by Twin Tribes
    The Vessel The Vessel
  25. Discomposure
    by Glass Wave
    Discomposure Discomposure
    Gritty and honest. Guitars and vocals on point. Greatly enjoyed this & expecting more quality material from the band.
  26. This Cold Night
    by This Cold Night
    Dog Dog
    Love how raw this EP sounds. Simple but great. Would totally pick up a physical re-release.
  27. Ecstasy
    by Soviet Soviet
    I vape clouds upon clouds to this song. Don't ask ;)
  28. C:\>COPY *.* A: /V
  29. C:\>CHKDSK /F
  30. C:\>FIXMBR
    +000hex +000hex
    Victor never stops creating!
  31. The Network
    by Victor Love
    Doom Trap Doom Trap
    Nice step aside from DSI to deliver something totally new and creative.
  32. ://Decrypted_Files
    by Dope Stars Inc.
  33. Technomancy
    by Victor Love
  34. New Breed Of Digital Fuckers
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Jasmine & Rose (Clan Of Xymox Cover) Jasmine & Rose (Clan Of Xymox Cover)
    While this release may not be something for everyone, this is definitely a must-buy for hardcore DSI fans. It is quite fascinating to discover the early, super raw sound and how the band was shaping. The live videos can be called 'archival footage' and a full HD concert from the band would be great in the future. The HQ photo sets included with this album, however, are simply dope. Overall, this collection left a positive impression and it's always fun to see what else Victor Love has in stock.
  35. Ultrawired
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Lies irae Lies irae
    A great transition from a major label to self production. The album explored some new musical aspects that worked extremely well.
  36. Gigahearts
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Lost Lost
    A very worthy follow-up to the debut record. Harsh, groovy, and romantic - all at once.
  37. Banksters
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Banksters Banksters
    Short but catchy, with an awesome attitude. "Please the bankster!"
  38. ://Neuromance
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Infection 13 Infection 13
    Lyrically, thematically, from the music to art direction, this album is a gem. 5/5
  39. 21st Century Slave
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    When I See You Smile When I See You Smile
    A deep, serious, and atmospheric album that concluded the first DSI chapter. Excellent record.
  40. Criminal Intents / Morning Star (Unlimited Edition)
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Criminal Intents Criminal Intents
    Title track has been blasting in my headphones for months. Very well made EP with some rare tracks that can't be missed.
  41. Make A Star EP
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Digital Freedom Digital Freedom
    This EP feels like an epilogue to Neuromance. Tracks 1 through 5 are a must!
  42. ネオ東京 Underground
    by Victor Love
    Cool, unusual experiment.
  43. 10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures 10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures
    The raw sound that helped kickstart a true musical revolution. Wasn't around to support this in 2003, proud to support it 12 years later.
  44. Doom Trap
    by Victor Love
    Fresh and inspiring new sound, while maintaining classic Victor Love musical traits.
  45. TeraPunk
    by Dope Stars Inc.
    Spider claw Spider claw
    Combined the best elements of the old albums and Ultrawired into one. Great record.