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  1. gusli gusli (170bpm)
    by trip2can feat sp.i.n.s.
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. the choice (174bpm)
    by trip2can
  4. V.A. - Up Psy Down
    by Various Artists
  5. 20 Minutes
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  6. Metikulus
    by Electrypnose
    Subtilus Profondenum Subtilus Profondenum
  7. Stochastic
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  8. Mukashi Mukashi
    by Will O Wisp
    Plucked Out Plucked Out
    it's like the whole album is a very complex multidimensional structure that actually has multiple symmetries but only seen from the curtain "angles" - so while you listen you can catch that feeling of symmetry momentary - then it keeps moving and that picture is gone. beautiful <3
  9. Oddular
    by Ajja
  10. Carnival Of Peculiarities EP
    by Shpongle
    Dr. Vinklestein Says Dr. Vinklestein Says
    Shpongle is unique in a way they sound both popular and totally psychedelic at the same time. I even have my ~70 mom enjoyed and said it makes her wanna dance. This is brilliantly wrapped "psy-ska" (as some fb group member called that new genre)
  11. Havoc Vol. 1
    by Frantic Noise
    California Dreamer California Dreamer
    enjoying this latest gig a lot. California Dreamer is brilliantly wrapped -) The original song is kind of sad "gray sky bla-bla" but that's what i really like about your music - it's kind-o has that minor+major message at the same time, bright and sad, like a man in full realization of dukkha celebrates his wisdom...
  12. Havoc Vol. 2
    by Frantic Noise
    Bob Lazar ft. Mooncake Bob Lazar ft. Mooncake
    this second part is collab with other masters - killa sounds as usual!
  13. T.R.A
    by Quantum Mechanica
  14. Conundrum Concoction - VV.AA. (Dark Prisma Records)
    by Dark Prisma Records
    full trippy mind killer stuff
  15. Strange Chaotic Attractor
    by Glosolalia
  16. Trance Nodriza
    by Frantic Noise
    Flaming Freddie feat. Bombax Flaming Freddie feat. Bombax
  17. Spira Mirabilis
    by Ajja
  18. Rugged Tales part 3
    by Kindzadza
  19. Rugged Tales part 2
    by Kindzadza
  20. The Nightli(f)e
    by Glosolalia