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  1. Lost Kids
    by Stick and Poke
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    I Don't Like Love Songs, But I Like You I Don't Like Love Songs, But I Like You
    Disocvered this album by accident, bought it almost immediately. I was planning on writing a similar song to "Youthcrew" in my band a while back - we're hardcore, but only I'm straightedge, and we all get on fine. the edge movement;'s pretty dead in the UK, but there's still militant dicks over here. But anyway the whole album is flipping brill, and evoked a whiole range of emotions in me. People, buy this album, do it. DO IT.
  2. Ulysses Dies At Dawn
    by The Mechanisms
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    Underworld Blues Underworld Blues
    So let's say you're a fan of The Odyssey. But you also love cyberpunk sci-fi. And maybe on top of that you have a thing for rock operas. And you wish there was something that catered to all of those tastes at once? Fear not, friends, for in "Ulysses Dies At Dawn", you have found it:
    by GUNSHIP
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    Fly For Your Life Fly For Your Life
    I frequently stream music from Bandcamp while running or cycling. I tried this album on a whim, and it led to the most amazing bike ride I've had all summer. It fit the feel of the day so perfectly. It's so refreshing to hear retrowave music with vocals which actually work. I need more!
    by Carpenter Brut
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    Sexkiller On The Loose Sexkiller On The Loose
    Stumbled across this album while looking for something completely different and was totally blown away by the tech-noir atmosphere. Excellent fusion of 80's synthpop and modern electro, with a dark air of foreboding across the whole thing. Marvellous!
  5. The Wreckage
    by Mark Lenover
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    The Coup The Coup
  6. TERROR 404
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    01 - Opening Credits 01 - Opening Credits