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  1. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  2. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
  3. 【事業】BLADE RUNNER (FINISHED- 終わった)
    by 【事業】BLADE RUNNER
  4. Octa
    by Useless
  5. Aspect
    by Sangam
  6. A T R I U M
    by Hallmark '87
  7. Deep Fantasy
    by S U R F I N G
  8. Modern Living
    by Various Artists
  9. Tokyo Restricted Area
    by Yoshimi
  10. Reservation At Dorsia
    by 385North // 猫 シ Corp.
  11. Scared of the Dark
    by Love Potion
  12. Slide
    by George Clanton
  13. Lost Memories 3
    by 骷
    Lost In A Dream Lost In A Dream
    Skeleton's ethereal qualities that hold the project's works up as some of the most essential Vaporwave to date are present and taken in new directions on Lost Memories 3. This is a triumphant return that leaves me entranced through every track.

    Fans of 死夢VANITY will find lots to enjoy about this album, so be sure to give it a shot even if Skeleton's older works don't sit right with you.

  14. Ambient Drama
    by 카페 나이트 Café Nights
  15. Midnight Television
    by Midnight Television
  17. I - IV • My Blue Heaven
    by Slow Dancing Society
  18. The Cogent Sea
    by Slow Dancing Society
  19. Gathering of the Ancient Spirits
    by Wanderwelle
  20. This Is Where I Am Right Now
    by Golden Living Room