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  1. Old Boy
    by Moriah Woods
    Watched You Burn Watched You Burn
  2. photic
    by :10:
    In Hallow In Hallow
  3. If Music Presents: By The Sea... and Other Solitary Places
    by Annabel (lee)
    My Homeland My Homeland
  4. ALTRA
    by NAÏVE
    Surge Surge
  5. Vetvi
    by Theodor Bastard
  6. Constant Waiting
    by My Personal Murderer
  7. Sisters Loving Brothers
    by My Personal Murderer
    She's Dead She's Dead
  8. Vesica
    by Adey Bell
    Spirals Spirals
  9. The Stirring- Original Version (2014)
    by Adey Bell
  10. The Untold
    by Atrium Carceri
  11. Dreading Consciousness
    by netra ft. We'rewolves
    Enter the Void Enter the Void
  12. Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist - Extended Edition
    Soulgrinder Soulgrinder
  13. écrasez l'infâme
    by Access to Arasaka
    -- - -- -
  14. Industrial is Dead EP
    by :10:
    Industrial is Dead Industrial is Dead
  15. What You Are About to Witness
    by Margin of Error
    The Shape of Hate The Shape of Hate
  16. Lost + Directionless
    by Candle Nine
    Ego Hunter Ego Hunter
  17. Destroy.Create.Repeat.
    by Margin of Error
    Destroy.Create.Repeat. Destroy.Create.Repeat.
  18. Pain is Beauty
    Ancestors, The Ancients Ancestors, The Ancients
  19. The Muse In The Machine
    by Candle Nine
    Someone Anyone Someone Anyone