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  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Punk
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  1. Totentanz
    by We'll Go Machete
  2. Borrowed Floors
    by L I T H I C S
  3. Always A Six Never A Nine
    by BLACK ELK
  4. Split 10" with I'll Eat Your Face
    by Hands Up Who Wants To Die
  5. Vega In The Lyre
    by Hands Up Who Wants To Die
  6. Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
    by Hands Up Who Wants To Die
  7. Sonic Moist
    by USA Nails
  8. DEATH
    by bloody knives
  9. Sallie-Mae
    by East Cameron Folkcore
  10. Din of Celestial Birds
    by Bridge Farmers
  11. Destroyed Corpse
    by SORES
    by NEVER
  13. Gooned Out
    by WET LUNGS
  14. Watching the Moon
    by Watching the Moon
  15. Smoke
    by Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes
  16. Hospitalia!
    by New China
  17. Forty Freedoms
    by The Gary
  18. To Be Sharks
  19. Miser
    by We'll Go Machete
  20. Recks (plus bonus tracks!)
    by Penthouse