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  1. early lover of mankind
    by early lover of mankind
  2. i'll never be as happy as i was last summer
    by he was an artist, she was a carpenter
  3. Speakeasy Petting Zoo
    by Countdown from Ten
  4. Important Things
    by The Most
  5. LIKE YOU!!
    by Alfred.
  6. New Hit Record
    by Eel People
  7. Queen Moo
    by Queen Moo
  8. Faint Sounds of Us Hanging Out
    by Queen Moo
  9. Forgiving My Humanity
    by Eel People
  10. Club Nites
    by dumb
  11. Bad Posture
    by Matt Falkowski
  12. Buke&Gase&Drumbs
    by Buke&Gase&Drumbs
  13. Meaning
    by Field Mouse
  14. The New Space EP
    by Standby
  15. Aphid Nest
    by Lightness
  16. Limerence EP
    by Cardinal Spins
  17. Seven Minutes With Ditch Boys
    by Ditch Boys
  18. wisdom teeth
    by marbling
  19. DIONYSUS, PART I (first demo)
    by Mickey Blurr
  20. Snake Oil
    by SNAKE OIL
  21. The Train is White and the Moon is Strong (or Combinations of Objects and Animals)
    by SNAKE OIL
  22. Devin
    by Maneka
  23. I Complain
    by Philary
  24. buried men
    by zanders
  25. Dying of Sunsets
    by SNAKE OIL
    by leor miller
  27. Human Distance - EP
    by Big Fang
    Emergency Emergency
    so good. i could listen to these songs any time and anywhere* and they'd put me in a good mood. (* prob not a funeral)
  28. Dream Speed
    by skating
  29. what music?
    by early lover of mankind
  30. First Demo!
    by Jenny Genius
  31. Chipped Fingernails / The River Wants to Turn Me Around (Split Single)
    by Lys Guillorn / Julie Beman
  32. Tiger Blood
    by Them Airs
  33. Echo Park Bomb City
    by Them Airs
    Dreamt of a House Dreamt of a House
    hard to overstate how good this album is. fantastic stuff if you want to holler, dance, or some combination of the two. kinda like guerilla toss / kinda like parquet courts.
  34. Where The Tragic Happens
    by Pleasuremad
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  35. Jazz Corner
    by waking up now
  36. Running from the Dark
    by Running from the Dark
  37. Shooting Star
    by waveform*
    Hazel Hazel
    love this record. i've listened to it so many time -- makes a cool, dreamy soundtrack for your day. killer tones and melodies. (kinda like Slowdive)
  38. Tape I
    by Snowpiler
  39. Little Miss Drift Afloat
    by Donnie Alexzander
    Self-Assured Self-Assured
    a beautiful record -- restrained in all the right ways. optimistic melancholia. each song blossoms in their own stunning way.
  40. Float
    by Calicoco
    Anchor Park Anchor Park
    this band's music is beautiful, earnest, and true. to hear it is to have your emotions directly engaged with by a stranger's. but by the end, you'll find they are no longer a stranger at all.
  41. Second Nature
    by Lil Sluggers
    Pulp Pulp
    what if rain-dogs-era tom waits' voice sounded great? feels a little like early leonard cohen too. in other words, fantastic songwriting/storytelling delivered tastefully (with a fair amount of surprises!)
  42. I Feel God In This Chili's Tonight
    by Glambat / Snowpiler
    Brasil Brasil
    every track on this thing is good. Glambat is like a cool, pop-focused rock band with some shoegazey guitars. Snowpiler are a bit like a well-adjusted Pile.
  43. Pigments EP
    by Ava Luna
  44. Any Human Friend
    by Marika Hackman
  45. Pathos
    by HEELE
    The Paper Sky The Paper Sky
    every song on this ep is good. heavy, melody-driven. thick production hits you hard.
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