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  1. Classic Chips
    by bradsmith
    Sonata No. 5 Sonata No. 5
  2. The Flagrant Narcissist
    by Prevert
    Sovereign Device Sovereign Device
    The vocals on this album are REALLY strong. some of the best vocals i have heard in this genre. definitely check this album out if you like layered dark and dense music. repeated listens reward the listener on an album like this!
  3. Fire EP
    by Michael Marhal
  4. Forest EP
    by Michael Marhal
  5. Atlantis Awakening
    by Jillian Aversa
    Will o' the Wisp (with Christopher Tin) Will o' the Wisp (with Christopher Tin)
    I already love Origins so the hype for this album is huge for me.
    Jillian Aversa has the most incredible voice!
  6. Dripping
    by Pile
  7. Wanderlust Adventures
    by Chris Christodoulou
  8. In Charge Of The Scythe
    by Thunder And Lightning
  9. Styx: Shards of Darkness Soundtrack
    by H-Pi
  10. Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Original Soundtrack
    by H-Pi
    Skirmish in the Fields Skirmish in the Fields
  11. Bad Nature
    by Wizards Tell Lies
  12. Stories from a Whiskey-soaked Mind
    by Daniel Ruiz
  13. A Winters Beach EP
    by Dr Stewart
  14. Interdimensional
    by Son of Mars
  15. Semispheres
    by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
  16. TCT13 - Meditations Split
    by Idaq & Trium Circulorum
  17. Lost Future
    by Efence
  18. The Saga of Original Sin
    by Zack Parrish
  19. Scrumble Ship Extended Soundtrack
    by poisoncut
  20. Pawarumi Original Soundtrack
    by Grégory Desmurs