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Gaëtan Marquer

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  1. The Shamanic Trilogy
    by 0-NUN
  2. Nosotros los Etxegiña
    by Etxegiña
  3. Solitude
    by Cloudkicker
  4. The Shamanic Trilogy Part II - Dissociate, Alienate
    by 0-NUN
  5. The Shamanic Trilogy Part III - Transcendental
    by 0-NUN
  6. The Shamanic Trilogy Part I - Nihility Ascetics
    by 0-NUN
  7. From Nihil
    by [STÖMB]
  8. Shift
    by Joel Lindfors
  9. GOLEM
    by GOLEM
  10. Worn By Sin
    by Efnisien
  11. Orfeu
    by SALQIU
  12. Dernière musique obscure de la nuit peinte
    by VII
  13. Our Simulacra
    by The Flashbulb
  14. Weeping Veins
    by Zeolite
  15. Embodiement
    by Enkidü
  16. Onslaught Of The Ancient Gods
    by Temple Of Demigod
  17. Cubatão (Psychic Possessor Cover)
    by SALQIU
  18. Oranssi Mies (EP)
    by SALQIU
  19. Invisible Music For the Unseen
    by SALQIU
    In the Frozen Complexity of a Million Washed Brains In the Frozen Complexity of a Million Washed Brains
    Once again, Salqius Laurentius laid a heavy stone to the puzzling edifice of his sonic work.
    It's raw, passionate and surely haunting but more importantly it's an honest piece of music made with minimal means but maximal creativity.
  20. The Arrow of Time: Soundtrack to Timelapse of the Future
    by melodysheep