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  1. Inspector Gunner
    by SiIvaGunner
  2. Halation Celebration ~ 10th Anniversary Tribute to Snow halation
    by SiIvaGunner
  3. SiIvaGunner Presents: Somewhat Responsive to Requests ~ Touhou Album Now!
    by SiIvaGunner
  4. Dove Spaceship
    by Jessica Walrus
  5. Alice EP - Earthside
    by Bitplane
  6. Magical Idol 'Strangelove' 魔法のアイドル ストレンジラブ - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Bitplane
  7. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    by Bitplane
  8. Alice, Through The Looking-Glass, And What She Found There : A Tribute To "Queen II"
    by Bitplane
  9. Alice EP - Moonside
    by Bitplane
  10. Hospital Laboratory (Hospital Anthology Series)
    by Various Artists
  11. Named.
    by Blatantly Emotional Records
  12. Will I Fly?
    by Miwa Gemini
  13. Jitterbug to Lonely Things
    by Miwa Gemini
  14. Ab Flex
    by Abdominal
  15. SECOND WIND ~ SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Original Soundtrack VOL. 2
    by SiIvaGunner
  16. The Introduction (Deluxe Edition)
    by KIRA
  17. PROJEKT MELODY (feat. AL!CE)
  18. Cruel Choreography
  19. Triad Core
    by ヤキカゼ、Ste Fandy, RRRRR
  20. 幻想郷物語 - Gensoukyou Monogatari
    by ヤキカゼ, エム, Shio