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  1. Ambient
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  1. spindrift
    by Hilyard
  2. ITLP18 - Time Zones
    by Full Bloom
    Speed FM Speed FM
    just insanely good
  3. Soft Octaves
    by James Bernard & anthéne
  4. Agitas Al Sol
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  5. The Unintentional Sea
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  6. Living Drone Edition 5
    by fveld
  7. B⁴
    by zakè
  8. Jasezi
    by sonnov
    Ania Ania
    beautiful drones
  9. Living Drone Edition 4
    by fveld
  10. Space 1.8
    by Nala Sinephro
  11. live at the straatmuseum - 10.09.22
    by andarctica
  12. Astray
    by Hiemal
  13. a wake in shadows
    by Hilyard
  14. Indigo Grit ft. guest
    by Space Afrika
  15. cyan nori
    by andarctica
  16. Sonora
    by Violet Light
    The Hills of Appalachia The Hills of Appalachia
    sublime open work
  17. Le Vitrail
    by Lamasz
  18. Living Drone Edition 3
    by fveld
  19. Brutes
    by Tewksbury
    COP26 COP26
    The imagery that these two tracks evoke is... transcendent. The selection and treatment of source material here has an almost understated quality, but the end result are two tracks that stand up like wavering monoliths demanding to be heard. Gorgeous work.
  20. Elegant, Golden
    by halftribe