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  1. vs o.t.O.g.I
    by woopheadclrms
  2. In-Store Music
    by Ten Hyphen Twenty
  3. Plastisphere
    by Forces
  4. Opilio
    by Æthereal Arthropod
  5. Terroir Place
    by German Army
  6. Collapsed Lake
    by Tereshkova
  7. Hello Brightness My New Sex Friend
    by Wrong Dials
    by (:::
  9. Splash Realistique
    by Golden Living Room
  10. Problems
  11. vV
    by Lanuk
  12. Concrete Virus Nu
    by CVN
    Olfactory Olfactory
    A selection of broken parts, sporadic vocal hits, and mechanical bass music....circuit boards corroded by battery acid. Some tracks exhibit more emotive qualities....
    Design/Presentation is awesome, shells and fold out alike.
    Highly recommended.
  13. From A Flawed Apex Which Led To The Head
    by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
    Synchronized Restlesstness Synchronized Restlesstness
    A perfect combination of styles and sound for tape between these two sides,
    Side A offers morphing drum workouts to mesmerise, and other analogue-esque (perhaps actual) worlds based loosely on techno frameworks.
    Side B is a progressive journey through a maze of the artist's creation, starting ambient and ending more textured and further afield..
    Great artwork and foldout.
    Highly Recommended.
  14. Tidy Bedroom Versions: 2009-2013
    by Tom Hang
    Bearz nnniii! Bearz nnniii!
    Warm and enveloping throughout, drifting ambiences and the occasional breakout.
    The inner artwork quotes "if you pay your dues, work incredibly hard, and be nice to everyone around you; you too can live paycheck to paycheck and live in filth" ...... perfect.
    a recommended journey.
  15. Dolby's ON
    by Bataille Solaire
    lapino clubb mix lapino clubb mix
    A totally incredible album throughout, the rhythmic and melodic complexity of the lengthy compositions is astounding....
    I produce very similar stuff and on discovering Bataille Solaire I immediately took a mental bow to his mystic powers of musical wonderment.....
    The beauty and depth to these pieces is something to marvel in and be perplexed by, I'm in awe of its sheer artistry, Perfection in its entirety.
    100% RECOMMENDED.....
  16. Matters
    by CVN
    Mithril Mithril
    A futuristic vision, a sharper cut than the earlier 'Concrete Virus Nu' release (also recommended)...
    Travels from melodic piano pasts to dreamscapes of abstract futures or both merged into one...
    at times sounds like the workings of organic structures enhanced or distorted by technology.
    J card design is perfection.
    Highly recommended
  17. Ghost Archive
    by Indek
  18. Compositions 012-015
    by Simon Chioini
    P4/5?: Trois Jungles P4/5?: Trois Jungles
    A micro/cosmic excursion, pointillistic beauty that creates a world fathoms deep,
    Each composition melds into the next despite appearing to have been made over the course of 3 years.
    Feels like following ever changing mechanisms in their process.
    very particular soundscapes.
    Highly Recommended.....
  19. Tiffany's Monday
    by Accem Myomi
    Cape Coral Cape Coral
    Lo-fi organic weird techno and in parts verges on "world" sounds...
    Saturated with a wonderful enveloping warmth (even for tape!) which keeps you suspended in its spaces.
    A thoroughly enjoyable listen in its entirety.
    Highly Recommended......
  20. Red Orkan's Club
    by The Petrified Heart Of An Air Whale
    A2 - Red Orkan's Club A2 - Red Orkan's Club
    Both the A side originals and the B side remixes are fantastic.
    A wonderful trip throughout. A wide array of scapes but it still maintains coherence.
    Definitely recommended!