This is Wham Charles’ music collection on Bandcamp.

Wham Charles

  1. Ambient
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  2. followers 721
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    by Actress
  2. Bolted
    by Forest Swords
  3. Resavoir
    by Resavoir
  4. Ambient Black Magic
    by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
  5. Therapy
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
  6. Variables
    by Alfa Mist
  7. Purelink
    by Purelink
  8. To / Deep
    by Purelink
  9. Electronic Voyages
    by Lisa Bella Donna
  10. Les Jardins Mystiques Vol.1
    by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  11. Sakura
    by Susumu Yokota
  12. Does It Look Like I'm Here? (Expanded Remaster)
    by Emeralds
  13. The Coastal Obscure
    by Hello Meteor
  14. Collider (Slowed)
    by Warmth
  15. Fantasy Zone
    by Mary Yalex
  16. Goodbye, Hotel Arkada
    by Mary Lattimore
  17. Oscilla
    by Skyphone
  18. Evenings 夕暮れ Vol. 1
    by Hotel Pools
  19. AI-35: Ghost Lights
    by Rod Modell
  20. AI-34: Spirit Medicine
    by Toki Fuko