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Bandcamp Weekly Nostalgic Sounds

Featuring tasty new tracks from Kadhja Bonet​, Chet Faker​, Rozi Plain​, Quantic​, and Mikael Seifu. Special guests include multitalented musician and vocalist Mocky, and Kanaku Y El Tigre from Lima, Peru. Dakhla Brass and Gene Dudley bring the horns, while Numinous and Cartridge get busy with strings.

Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Mocky by Oliver Barrett.


Jun 30, 2015

The Sound of Freedom to Come

Refused vocalist Dennis Lyxzén discusses the trailblazing Swedish hardcore band’s complicated but ultimately triumphant return, and details how the band came to write and record its first album in 17 years, the invigorating Freedom.

New and Notable Records

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Seven Summers by Shaun Martin

Fans of uplifting soulful jazz music, get your pre-orders in for Texas based Shaun Martin's LP, seven years in the making.

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Heat by Landlady

Adam Schatz's charmingly eccentric band release 5 tracker of new songs, and a remix, as they prep for a US tour.

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Creative Medicine by Beatnick Dee

Born in the Bay, raised in the UK, and living in LA, Dee brings myriad styles to an LP featuring Thes One and Denitia & Sene.

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Digs music you're not likely to hear on the radio.

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play album Vænir by Monolord

From an unearthed, ancient and arcane grotto buried for eons in Sweden, Monolord releases it's latest weighted doom deathknell: Vaenir. This fuzzy hilted, black iron warhammer will smite down all in it's inescapable arc!

play album The Binding of Isaac by Danny Baranowsky

Baranowsky's OST really nails the creepy, dark, and mysterious nature of Isaac - a masterpiece game. This OST is simply fantastic to listen to on it's own as well (hopefully not in as dreadful circumstances as poor Isaac).

play album MOON EP by M|O|O|N

Awesome techno beats with a nice slow burn build-up that's sure to get you moving and grooving. I love the cover photo as well!

Knut -Thomas


Likes kissing in ice-cold phone booths.

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play album Vacation by コンシャスTHOUGHTS

Summer/Vacation is a state of mind. Especially during winter in Norway.

play album PRIVATE ISLAND by Schadillac

Makes me feel that I'm in a 70s cop show, like Hill Street Blues or Kojak. Now all I need is a donut and a cup of coffee.

play album sincerely by luxury elite

Takes me back to the eighties, kissing in ice-cold phone booths during winter, chewing spearmint, and watching Fame and Flashdance on VHS.

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