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Filip Zemčík

Bratislava, Slovakia


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daily music blogger ~ cassette label manager ~ founder of United Cassettes
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  1. For Shadow Hurts
    by Fish Food
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    Candy Candy
    lo-fi bedroom sweetness from ontario ~ beautiful discoveries of my label's inbox
  2. For Mortimer
    by Fish Food
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    Maxwell Maxwell
    candy drops in your bag//
    sweetness in your ears//
    cheerful poppy sounds//
    it's up in clouds
  3. Lord Bendtner
    by Lord Bendtner
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Hysteria Hysteria
    the world is falling//
    your hear is trembling//
    you shout to clouds//
  4. A Weekend In St Kilda
    by Born Again Surfers
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    You're always coming down You're always coming down
  5. Don't Hide From The Light
    by Pat Moon
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    Show Me A Sign Show Me A Sign
    Heal your wounds, bless your soul.
  6. Passing Place
    by Good Good Blood
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    No Sadness/Furrowed Brow No Sadness/Furrowed Brow
    ...because I care about my UK friends <3
  7. the closer to you, the safer i feel
    by Laptop Funeral
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    sleeping in sleeping in
    lo-fi bedroom chill music // FFO: Ricky Eat Acid, Arrange, Orchid Tapes
  8. Summer 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler)
    by Z Tapes
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    walk home walk home
    tunes from z tapes for summer 2016
  9. gashadokuro
    by eating cake with friends
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    lake full of monsters lake full of monsters
    swedish lo-fi for your gentle soul
  10. beagles
    by beagles
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    my neighbor is a drug dealer my neighbor is a drug dealer
    lazy summer tunes from michael aka richie woods from fox academy squad
  11. king of the mods
    by IZE
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    on lex, near you on lex, near you
    new order from louisiana