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  1. Spent LP
    by Hugo Jay
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    Spent Spent
  2. Rainforest LP
    by Aquarium aka 外神田deepspace
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    Eternal Blue Eternal Blue
    DJ Hippo Tang is spinning some sick shit for the seahorse set with beats as continuous as that saltwater tank fiilter.
  3. Mango Peach LP
    by Buddy Love
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    Oasis Oasis
    I'm all about these hazy claves and bird-whistle wrapped bass doublets – buy this for that friend/crush of yours who at night turns their living room into a 30-person dance club.
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    In The Line Of Fire In The Line Of Fire
  5. Choose Your Own Adventure
    by Vanishing Twin
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    Vanishing Twin Syndrome Vanishing Twin Syndrome
    The Korova Milk Bar put together one hell of a house band.
  6. Timber
    by Michael Gordon
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    Timber, part 3 Timber, part 3
    The Simantra, non-pitched timber marimba, of the familiar timbre of trunk and cinder.
  7. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
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    Marked For Death Marked For Death
    The Tori Amosness of this is just...
  8. Vague Response
    by Akasha System
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    Caves Caves
    Nothing vague about MY response — these signals activate my groove detection circuits well beyond the dopeness threshold and I lurve it.
  9. Radar Hill
    by big time little china
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    Airplane Airplane
  10. Summer Mixtape
    by Germany Germany
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    Inspired Inspired