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  1. Sung Tongs
    by Animal Collective
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    We Tigers We Tigers
    For the number of times I've listened to this record, the most nostalgic of any in my entire life, it's only right that I buy yet another copy.
  2. Accepting The Offers From Time
    by Attics
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    I Want Nothing Less Than To Be Pure I Want Nothing Less Than To Be Pure
    EBow music is both the wind in the snowed field and the quilt in which you're wrapped. Attics have it, and other fuzzed, fuzzing guitar sounds down perfectly.
  3. FRAME
    by SHUTTLE358
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    Spiff Spiff
    Like Alva Noto, or Dntel, or SAW2-era Aphex Twin, in their quieter moments at home alone in the studio.
  4. 367 Equalizer
    by Guerilla Toss
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    367 Equalizer 367 Equalizer
    This album is a deadly shuriken made of a bunch of plastic knives lashed together with masking tape. I really should have bought it ages ago.
  5. When the Tape Runs Out
    by ensemble, et al.
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    In a Crowded Room with Nothing to Think About   In a Crowded Room with Nothing to Think About  
    I'm beaming most excited appreciation to Ed Buckley ( for gifting me this plicking, gonging church service for my ears.
  6. I Can't Resist
    by Gramme
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    I'll Make It Up I'll Make It Up
    Definitely time to gather a gaggle of boogie-friendly people in a small dark room to get sweaty swerving in loose button-up shirts. Big thanks to Beav for the perfect gift.
  7. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
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    I Want Wind To Blow I Want Wind To Blow
    Decade teleportation. Warm fuzzies. Much love, K-Starr.
  8. Tomorrow's Modern Boxes
    by Thom Yorke
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    A Brain In A Bottle A Brain In A Bottle
  9. Télévision
    by Florent Ghys
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    Teamwork Teamwork
    by Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Simulacra II Simulacra II
    There's little I can say in a satisfactory way about how fortunate I am to have first heard this music performed live in a church in Reykjavik.
  11. Photay
    by Photay
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    Illusion of Seclusion Illusion of Seclusion
    A gem in the tradition of 21 year olds making epic records beyond their years.


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