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  1. Render
    by Roomful of Teeth
    Vesper Sparrow (Missy Mazzoli) Vesper Sparrow (Missy Mazzoli)
  2. Computer Entertainment System
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    now loading… now loading…
    It's as if SERVICE AREA swam in the latent memories of my middleschool videogaming self for bootup audio files and Napster'ed house mixes and mashed 'em into some newfangled fresh crispiness.
  3. "I Want To Believe"
    by Project Pablo
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    The Fuss The Fuss
    "rich, taped out moods for club and kitchen use."

    Couldn't have said it better.
  4. Four Organs / Phase Patterns / Pendulum Music
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    Four Organs Four Organs
    "100 million organs"

    ...and 100 million plus one thank yous, Joe.
  5. "Touch of Jupiter"
    by Friendly Chemist
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    Queen of Swords Queen of Swords
    Come over mah house on a saturday night and you know I am going to be playing Friendly Chemist in my bedroom-turned-dance-club. You are invited.
  6. Soda
    by Mooninite
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    Cola Cola
    "... an album about the appreciation & enjoyment of one of the most popular drinks in the world: soda. Made to capture and recreate the playful, relaxed feeling that soft drinks are famous for." Please pour this fizzy into my ears.
  7. Come Away With ESG
    by ESG
    Dance Dance
    Produce your wallets and shower this band, long the uncompensated source of some of the best samples of all time, in your dollars.
  8. ESG
    by ESG
    Erase You Erase You
    ESG on BC? GTFO.
  9. It's a Girl!
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    Marination Station Marination Station
    Sometimes it is very important that you give a band some of your money in the hope that they continue to make music forever even perhaps after you are dead.
  10. Sung Tongs
    by Animal Collective
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    We Tigers We Tigers
    For the number of times I've listened to this record, the most nostalgic of any in my entire life, it's only right that I buy yet another copy.
  11. Accepting The Offers From Time
    by Attics
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    I Want Nothing Less Than To Be Pure I Want Nothing Less Than To Be Pure
    EBow music is both the wind in the snowed field and the quilt in which you're wrapped. Attics have it, and other fuzzed, fuzzing guitar sounds down perfectly.


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