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  1. Friend
    by Rozi Plain
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    Actually Actually
    that really embarrassing fantasy where i meet rozi plain at a pub and we totally hit it off and then she invites me to play drums in her band that night at a house party down the road and i later count it among the best times i've ever had
  2. Future Development
    by Del The Funky Homosapien
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    Don't Forget The Bass Don't Forget The Bass
    Del has as much to do with the way I speak and how I conceive of language as any theorist or written poet.
  3. elsethings
    by nick everett & everybody
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    i try (e. i) i try (e. i)
    With this gfit k-starr ensured my vacation was one perpetual sunny summer afternoon.
    by VARIOUS
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    A02 Fingalick - God Damn Woman A02 Fingalick - God Damn Woman
    I fell in love with Bandcamp all over again when this nastydank cassette arrived in a bubble mailer with a Bulgarian postmark.
  5. Flow State
    by Flow State
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    Mirrors and Beyond Part 1 Mirrors and Beyond Part 1
    A la Reich's classic "Electric Counterpoint", but drifting down power lines into new venues.
    by SHUTTLE358
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    Can you prove I was born Can you prove I was born
    From SHUTTLE358 comes another crisp, solitary electronic autumn. I know that timbre, myself.
  7. Winona Ryder
    by Mr. 3
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    Pata Sucia Pata Sucia
    Mr. 3, the Fat Black Matt Damon, the Human Slap Chop, cat lady keen and pizza faded, is the most original and entertaining lyricist I've heard in a Tyler-Perry-fan-grandma's age.
  8. Mallet Guitars Two / Music For Moai Hava
    by Ex-Easter Island Head
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    Mallet Guitars Two Second Movement Mallet Guitars Two Second Movement
    Mallet Guitars Two is a Moai-like monument of all the stuff I celebrate in contemporary music.
    Movement, 3 Movement, 3
  10. Qualities of Bodies Permanent
    by Sarah Davachi
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    praha praha
    This must be the liturgy of the Cathedral of Electron Crystallography.

    What a champion collection of synthesizers appearing in these recordings.
  11. Petestrumentals 2
    by Pete Rock
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Heaven & Earth Heaven & Earth
    Here comes a shagged-out GMC Vandura fulla nu classics from the Rock.


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