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  1. Gist Is
    by Adult Jazz
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    Spook Spook
    You'd better buy and listen to and love this album now or your future kids will believe you were a boring dork with bad taste in music. "Dad, you didn't listen to Adult Jazz?!"
  2. Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
    by Bing & Ruth
    The Towns We Love is Our Town The Towns We Love is Our Town
  3. Fjoloy
    by Qasim Naqvi
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    Fjoloy Fjoloy
    Not just a little Ligeti going on here. Spectral, like Roomful of Teeth. Yesyesyes to this tide of expanded-technique avant-choral music.
  4. self-titled
    by line upon line percussion
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Redshift Redshift
    There is an alternate time-warpy universe in which James Tenney derives his gestalt theory of "clangs" from the music of this ensemble.
  5. Pal Magnet EP
    by Alarmist
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    Aztec Dreams Aztec Dreams
    Awwww yehehea! Tightly constructed tunes that groove. This album is the bodacious babe in your calc class.
  6. Barbecue Bob in Fishtown
    by Glenn Jones
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    Barbecue Bob in Fishtown Barbecue Bob in Fishtown
    At this point I am convinced Glenn Jones *is* an anthropomorphic cartoon animal with divine guitar-playing skill.
  7. Drugs / Complex
    by Tera Melos
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Ambassadors of All That Is Good Ambassadors of All That Is Good
    "It's important that your ear holes meet this album." - Nathan
  8. (untitled album)
    by Tera Melos
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    Melody 2 Melody 2
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Fashion Glasses (Paisley Edit) Fashion Glasses (Paisley Edit)
    Oh man, my wardrobe and station wagon are four or five orders of coolness below what I need to passably bump these retrofuturejams at a stop light.
  10. "S/T"
    by D. Tiffany
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    Untitled Untitled
    It's the bigness of House, coming out of a bedroom. I am completely, delightedly, head-bobblingly smitten.
  11. Contraband
    by Big Mean Sound Machine
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    Angriest Man in the World Angriest Man in the World
    Big Mean Sound Machine records are HUGE! I am a puny human in a psychedelic mosh pit of elephants stomping around in 12/8. Thanks for the gift, Beav!


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