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  1. La Légende d'Eer
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    La Légende d'Eer #1 La Légende d'Eer #1
    On first listen La Légende d'Eer transported me vividly to its premier, where I for the first time wholly realized how radical these kinds of sounds really were.
  2. Steve Reich: Tehillim &The Desert Music
    by Alarm Will Sound & Ossia
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    The Desert Music: III-2. Moderate The Desert Music: III-2. Moderate
    It is a principle of music to repeat the theme, repeat and repeat AGAIN

    ... just like The Desert Music in its entirety repeats in the central canon of the most important music I'll ever hear.

    Happy 80th, R E I C H E R !
  3. Super Petite
    by The Claudia Quintet
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    JFK Beagle JFK Beagle
  4. Hashin' It Out
    by Euphone
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    Press On Press On
    I've been listening to scattered tracks from this album since I was in high school, and finally buying it on Bandcamp fifteen years later is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done.
  5. Hidden Cities
    by Horse Lords
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    Outer East Outer East
    No more 4/4! I need the antidote, HORSE LORDS!
  6. Interventions
    by Horse Lords
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    Toward the Omega Point Toward the Omega Point
    Put me in a mafia don's bed, I am now a certifiable Horsehead.