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I'm an asthete, ass, and professional kibitzer for the lovely
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  1. Totem
    by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
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    Evil Eye Evil Eye
  2. Nightworks EP
    by Pyxis
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Dilla Dilla
    This album gives me the same satisfaction as classic Naked Music / Carte Blanche compilations except less embarrassing and with fewer boobies on the cover.
  3. Paradoxes Of Progress
    by Sau Poler
    Non Plus Ultra Non Plus Ultra
  4. make drones not drones
    by Hoover Party
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    drone 1 drone 1
    We are the observant babies of Éliane Radigue, and these humble-length 8-sine drones are our quasireligious vespers.
  5. Mr Twin Sister
    by Mr Twin Sister
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    In the House of Yes In the House of Yes
    Björk & Valgeir cut a record with Sade & The Knife and released it in present day NYC and guys it's fucking awesome (ok I made that up). Put this on when you take a bubblebath with your main squeeze.
  6. Piñata
    by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
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    13 La Kebradita (Le Hammond Inferno Mix By Holger) 13 La Kebradita (Le Hammond Inferno Mix By Holger)
    "es una danza muy antigua", volvió a mi vida <3
  7. Ponderosa
    by Richard In Your Mind
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    Shooting Star Shooting Star
  8. Weaving
    by Jo Johnson
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    In the Shadow of the Workhouse In the Shadow of the Workhouse
    Delicious audio smoothie recipe: Four parts crystalline arpeggiators, three parts pungent synth sustains; pulse in reverb blender for nine minutes — poured tall.
  9. No Man is Land
    by Kris Ellestad
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Moon in the Trees Moon in the Trees
  10. Apr04 (ambience, amplitude-based time-shuffling software)
    by F Chemotti
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    You just woke up, and it's foggy on the coast. It isn't clear if it's dawn or dusk, and the surface of the sea is carrying to your ears what must be the sighs of Poseidon.
  11. present point passed
    by ensemble, et al.
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    An Afterword of an Image An Afterword of an Image


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