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  1. Cabinet
    by Heather Christian & The Arbornauts
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    Jet Thrust & Blushes Jet Thrust & Blushes
    Called avant-garde folk, alt-pop, singer-song-writer, troubadour... I can't really characterize it. But it's unpredictable and familiar at the same time, and also quite wonderful. One of my very favorite.
  2. The Wordman Of Alcatraz
    by Mr Bennett
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    The Protest Is Over (Explicit Lyric) The Protest Is Over (Explicit Lyric)
    The master has found his major. I once said, a William-S-Burroughs-Leonard-N-Cohen for our times. I am now of the opinion that this work is in a league of its own. Sui generis.
  3. Tigre et diesel
    by Galaxie
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    Camouflar Camouflar
    What the hell is in the water up in Canada, anyway? I believe this is what you might call rock and roll.
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    Cronos ("LOFT" 2012) Cronos ("LOFT" 2012)
    Ok, I think my top row is now complete. Lyrical, vocal, electric, electronic, Saint-Samuel re-releases the mysteriously perfect tracks of the missing Casablanca years.
  5. Ej feel zoo
    by Radio Radio
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    Boomerang Boomerang
    That we should all be so lucky to speak like this.
  6. Eterno Retorno
    by Diana Gameros
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    En Juárez En Juárez
    If you can, see her in person. A presence.
  7. Islands & Islands
    by Misfit Mod
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    Valleys Valleys
  8. The Queen's Sceptre
    by Robbie Scott
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    Chapter 1 Chapter 1
    Without question, deserving its spot on the almost-top row :)

    – ahem, so yeah... this is the second book I've written. I think it's pretty good too.
  9. You're Fucking Out I'm Fucking In
    by Rockwell Knuckles
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    Play Catch Play Catch
    by ScotDrakula
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    Kick out the AmberLamps Kick out the AmberLamps
    Stock full of practical lo-fi wisdoms, such as: "I know you ain't abouta let 'em talk shit 'bout your girl." Damn straight!
  11. BURNER
    by ScotDrakula
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    Dynopsykism Dynopsykism
    Wait a sec, sharks don't smoke! Lo-fi phenoms ScotDrakula return with even more shake-shake-shake.


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