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  1. Dark Clouds
    by The Lone Crows
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    Dark Clouds Dark Clouds
    Loved their self titled album they released last year, it made my Top 20 albums of 2013. So I am really looking forward to this release in May.

    So far, from the three songs they have streaming here, the album sounds terrific. Blooze-n-grooves for miles and great melodies...and those vocals....WOW! Just wow! They have it all for a great blues rock, groove rock sound.
  2. What's Done Is Done
    by Pyton
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    What's Done Is Done What's Done Is Done
    Riff worshiping, super cool hard rocking stoner blues! I love all these songs, every one of them. Great EP, highly recommended! \m/
  3. Zigurat
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
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    Lunar Worship Lunar Worship
    Psychedelic grooves, thick melodic riffs with a standout bass. This track, Lunar Worship, AMAZING!! What a killer song! I would have bought it for just that one song, but the rest of the album is great too. Fantastic debut from these guys from Bath.
  4. Self-Titled 2014 LP/CD/DL
    by Albinö Rhino
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    The Forest Prevails The Forest Prevails
  5. (Sing your confessions) to the Voodoo Court
    by The Witches Drum
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    by KING DEAD
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    03 Length Of Rope 03 Length Of Rope
    Bucky says its good shit, then it must be...right?
  7. Black Label Serotonin
    by Sewer Rats
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    We Were Never The Same We Were Never The Same
    Smooth blues with grooves for miles.
  8. Where It Began
    by Rain May Fall
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    Remember Everything Remember Everything
    Four track EP delivers the goods with straight up rock-n-roll. Catchy riffs and fantastic vocals with a southern edge. Love it!
  9. The High Computer[demo]
    by Longhare
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    The High Computer[demo] The High Computer[demo]
  10. EP II
    by Mystery Ship
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    Better Off Better Off
  11. Bridgeburner / Chinatown 7"
    by Mystery Ship
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    Bridgeburner Bridgeburner