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  1. Move To Be Free
    by A Day As Wolves
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    Ella May Ella May
    I've been waiting for this since last November when I came across their EP. It doesn't disappoint...that's for sure. All the new tracks have that bluesy swagger, with them killer vocals that I love so much about this band. They are not like any other blues rock band, they have a sound that's all their own. I give it 5 of these \m/!
  2. Idealus Maximus
    by Idealus Maximus
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    705 73 705 73
    If you like Karma to Burn, Monkey3, Tank86 or any of those badass instrumental bands that are loaded with catchy riffs and heavy rhythm, you'll dig this! 5 of these \m/
  3. The Fur
    by The Fur
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    Ahn Dré Ahn Dré
    All instrumental psychedelic jams, space rock at its finest. Spellbinding album, 'The Fur' have taken the riff to another level out there in the Universe somewhere. Highly recommended! Thanks to Steve for the rec! \m/
  4. Maize
    by Maize
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    P. P.
    Fantastic heavy psych jam band. Thanks to Harry shouting in his write-up or I might not have noticed this one. ;-)
  5. King Desert Smoke
    by Smokin' Basement
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    Smoke Full of Basement Smoke Full of Basement
  6. Face on Mars
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    The Last Astronaut The Last Astronaut
    I am rather intrigued by the 2 tracks available for stream at the moment. Really looking forward to the album release. Very impressive!
  7. II
    by Sun of Man
    Out Through The In Door Out Through The In Door
  8. Deliberate Sporadic Magic
    by Frozen Planet...1969
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    New track from the upcoming album titled "Lost Traveller Chronicles, Volume One" Another album to look forward to this August.

    Their 2013 s/t album was superb and by the sounds of this track, they haven't lost their touch.
  9. King Kush
    by The Dirty Seeds
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    The Dirty Wizard The Dirty Wizard
  10. Demos
    by C H I L D
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    Drag Drag
    by ATTALLA
    featured track 00:00/00:00