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I'm a fan of music and I'm also a musician myself.
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  1. Nice Work
    by nice work (Venson Dix & Ed Nino)
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    Round n' Round Round n' Round
  2. Rites of Passage EP
    by Raj Mahal
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    might be my favorite producer. check out his project "jaR" as well.
  3. Provocation EP + Remixes
    by Genettic
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    Provocation Provocation
    genettic is an amazing producer. all of the arrangements are super interesting. it'd be smart to keep an eye on him.
  4. Wormfood
    by Jamaican Queens
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    Wellfleet Outro Wellfleet Outro
    "Water" is an incredible song with an infectious melody. nice group of guys too.
  5. hex.4.∆.side_
    by Knxwledge.
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    1. watrkolors[ilysm] 1. watrkolors[ilysm]
    this dude is stupid crazy with the beats. from sample selection to chops. just listen to all his shit. my favorite track is track5 but it looks like it's unavailable now. it was a rihanna remix ,of all things.
  6. Raw Cosmic
    by Nigel One and Uncle El
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    Slap Box Derby Slap Box Derby
    i had a 2005 Ford Taurus until my girlfriend crashed it. it had a cd player. we now share her 2000 Toyota Camry. it has a cd AND tape player. glad i could buy this tape and play it. great stuff
  7. You, Me, Temporary
    by Sweatson Klank
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    Fuck & Fight feat. Deniro Farrar Fuck & Fight feat. Deniro Farrar
    i love this album because Tom (Sweatson) is a super amazing knowledgeable and kind producer. (and not just because i appear as a vocalist on the project on two tracks, one with my buddy SelfSays). here's a vid of one of the songs on the project.
  8. Kaytra Todo
    by Kaytranada
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    An Excuse An Excuse
    i enjoy the energy is this gent's beats. he's been putting in high quality work for a minute.
    by 5iLL
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    Dirty Tango Dirty Tango
    my mans can chop and play instruments. AND IT'S DOPE. had to support.
  10. Medical Leave Beat Tape
    by Whodat
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    L4K Take 1 featuring V. Klein & R.J. Austin L4K Take 1 featuring V. Klein & R.J. Austin
    an interesting story told through an interesting theme by a great woman.
  11. Lifted Transmissions
    by Ackryte
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    OffTheCuff OffTheCuff
    quiet dude who speaks loudly through the beats.