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  1. Barn Session Sep 2012
    by Candy Says
    subscriber exclusive
  2. Tears for Lamont
    by Kadhja Bonet
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    The voice, the lyrics, the bass entrance... Can't wait for the album.
  3. Let My People Go
    by Darondo
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    Let My People Go Let My People Go
    I stand behind the economic benefits of our space program, but Darondo is still amazing. Handy cruising tips here:
    by Black Pearl Records
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    "banana" - Los Yoyi "banana" - Los Yoyi
    After a great deal of practice I am able to perambulate using only my neck and this record.
  5. 151a
    by Kishi Bashi
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    It All Began With a Burst It All Began With a Burst
    Close your eyes and you might as well be watching a deleted scene from Stop Making Sense.
  6. Hopeton Lewis - Take It Easy With The Rock Steady Beat
    by Dub Store Records
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Take It Easy Take It Easy
  7. Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2
    by Jukebox Mambo
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    I Love Your many Ways I Love Your many Ways
    Maybe what Tom Waits was listening to when he wrote Hang on St. Christopher? Also, I have the same problem with Yankee hot dogs.
  8. Hello My Name Is Simon Panrucker
    by Simon Panrucker
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Hello My Name Is Simon Panrucker Hello My Name Is Simon Panrucker
  9. The Brothers Nylon
    by The Brothers Nylon
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    You Got A Tiger? You Got A Tiger?
    I wrap my head in duct tape before listening, just to be on the safe side.
  10. Oxford, UK
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