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Michael Reilly

Upper Sturt, Australia


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Designer, illustrator and music lover.
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  1. Wild Light
    by 65daysofstatic
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    Heat Death Infinity Splitter Heat Death Infinity Splitter
  2. An Unknown Island #1
    by T E Morris
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    1 - Gwen - An Unknown Island 1 - Gwen - An Unknown Island
    Moody and highly atmospheric, these two tunes from the first release of this project are starkly dramatic and often eerily dark in tone, before moments of light and hope break through.
  3. Blood Makes Fantastic Plastic
    by Blood Plastic
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    Closing In Closing In
    This album is fantastic! Beautiful fuzzed guitars, great swirling organ & synth sounds and powerful thumping drums combine into a heavenly mix of mood generating alt rock.
  4. The Burning Sea
    by The Burning Sea
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    We Are Dust We Are Dust
    A very progressive combination of post-rock and doom styled sounds, artfully blended into a pulsating storm of highly impressive songs. Play it loud so that you can really soak in the full experience.
  5. Holiday Visions
    by Lights & Motion
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    Melting Ice Melting Ice
    Gentle and delicate compositions built from a beautiful piano base. As always it has the unmistakable L&M ambience and a rich and emotive symphonic style.
  6. BRUCE! - The EP
    by BRUCE!
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    Shapes and Numbers Shapes and Numbers
    Ballsy, no-nonsense rock & roll, packed with meaty drums and bass, chunky riffs and glorious guttural vocals. A very pacy EP of exciting tracks.
  7. Eternal Voyager
    by Mystic Place
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    Thousand Miles Thousand Miles
    Punchy prog rock with a very strong Steven Wilson / Porcupine Tree flavour to both the dynamic vocals and the progressive hard rock sound. Slick production shows off a great set of memorable tunes.
  8. A Hound's Heart
    by William Ryan Fritch
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    A Fool to be Falling A Fool to be Falling
    A slow paced collection of fascinating folky instrumentals built from an exstensive assortment of instruments and sounds. Hard to categorise, but easy to listen to.
  9. Tabors Head
    by Mount Sherpa
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    Dead Trains Dead Trains
    Sometimes hypnotically slow and very experimental, and then contrastingly kicked up a gear into a high tempo mix of prog style rock, Mount Sherpa prove their worth on this enterprising EP.
  10. La Musique Nouveau
    by The Dunes
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    Red Leaves Red Leaves
    by The Dunes
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    Badlands Badlands
    Great mini EP from The Dunes. Opener 'Badlands' has a beautifully dark and menacing slow groove, and 'End…' is simply a sublime slice of powerful alt-rock.