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Michael Reilly

Upper Sturt, Australia


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Designer, illustrator and music lover.
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  1. La Danza
    by Double Echo
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    La Danza La Danza
  2. Parinae
    by Sleeping Bear
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    Callis Callis
  3. Sleeping Bear
    by Sleeping Bear
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    The Age of Man The Age of Man
    Excellent debut album from these Ukrainian post-rockers, who observantly record the emotion of the ongoing conflict within their troubled nation. Pain, confusion and hope can all be heard here – music with true meaning.
  4. Dangerous Days
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    Welcome Back Welcome Back
  5. Bilo 3.0
    by David Maxim Micic
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    Smile Smile
  6. Equal / Opposite
    by MINOT
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    Tharsis Tharsis
  7. Carpenter
    by Retro Promenade
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    Escape From Germany Escape From Germany
  8. Escape From Beijing
    by Oscillian
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    Escape from Beijing - Main Theme Escape from Beijing - Main Theme
  9. FCR Compilation Vol.VIII
    by Future City Records
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    Index Code- Heavy Rain (Feat. Gilles) Index Code- Heavy Rain (Feat. Gilles)
  10. She Dying
    by Noir For Rachel
    She Dying She Dying
    Although upbeat in its composition, this track features an undefined darkness, which gives it a dynamic strength and a slightly haunting presence.
  11. The E
    by Noir For Rachel
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Excuse Me, That I'm Kill Myself Excuse Me, That I'm Kill Myself