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Michael Reilly

Upper Sturt, Australia


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Designer, illustrator and music lover.
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  1. Victory Lap Ep
    by Pengus
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    Victory Lap Victory Lap
  2. The Danger of Standing Still
    by leaving richmond
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    A cool and classy instrumental with a very rich and highly pleasing film-like soundscape. The slow and restrained emotional build-up is perfectly paced and certainly does not stand still.
  3. Julia/Spring 7"
    by Lowtide
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    Spring Spring
    Delightful 2-track single from the dream pop masters of Melbourne. The original song 'Spring' is a toe-tapping and head-nodding beauty that will surely please.
  4. i
    by MMOSS
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    grow down grow down
  5. Nepenthe
    by The Citradels
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Dead Time Dead Time
  6. Droned and Rethroned
    by The Citradels
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    This Man This Man
  7. Leaving is All We Have EP
    by Atra Aeterna
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    Aran Aran
    Tantalising and evocative textural sounds; both deeply mysterious and highly engrossing – I can only wish for more as this short three song release creates anticipation and expectation of a sizeable scale.
  8. Invisible Partner
    by Eir Vár
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    Invisible Partner Invisible Partner
    Very chilled electronica featuring a genuine soul (or warmth) within its gentle and emotional ambience. Like the chapters of a good book, these tunes form into a cohesive story, expressing human interest and real sentiment.
  9. Greatest Lakes
    by Greatest Lakes
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    Tracks Tracks
    A rich tapestry of stirring and spirited folk-pop/rock, made with a significant depth of very agreeable sound. The layered harmonies are beautiful, the melodies memorable and I love all the hand claps and rhythmic stomps. Also, the bonus track 'The Harvest' is a real winner.
  10. James
    by Lowercase Noises
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    The First Wink of Dawn The First Wink of Dawn
    Quietly stirring and beautifully warm-hearted, this collection of tunes for new arrival James are a worthy celebration of his birth. Lovely instrumentation through all of the songs. Congratulations!
  11. Icaro (EP)
    by Icaro
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    Samanco Samanco
    Often moody and sombre, Icaro's sound conveys a weighty sense of meaning and importance - exactly the type of instrumental post-rock that I enjoy. Hope to hear more from these guys soon.