Bandcamp empowers artists

We provide a rock-solid platform for selling your music and merchandise to your fans, and we bring your music to a thriving community of enlightened listeners who understand that the best way to support the artists they love is by directly giving them money. To date, artists have made $92 million using Bandcamp,
and $3.7 million in the last 30 days alone.

So Easy Even Your Drummer Could…

Well, perhaps not that easy but still, pretty easy. Bandcamp provides a professional home on the web for your music. It’s straightforward to set up, you get your own address, unlimited storage, and…

High-Quality Audio

An MP3 may be fine for most, but a vocal minority of fans demand your tunes in high-quality formats like FLAC and Apple Lossless, and obscure ones like Ogg Vorbis (gesundheit). We say more power to ’em, but we also think it’s crazy to expect an artist to create and maintain all those choices. So on Bandcamp, you upload a single, lossless audio file (such as a WAV or AIFF), and we lovingly convert it to every conceivable format your fans could possibly desire. more info

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Bandcamp sites work and look great on mobile devices. Everything is optimized for the smaller screen and touch interface, so your albums look amazing, fans can browse your merch with ease, and the checkout flow is fast and intuitive. more info

Flexible Pricing

Bandcamp gives you the flexibility to charge whatever price for your music you see fit (including zero), or let fans name their own price, with the minimum chosen by you. It’s entirely in your hands (as it of course should be).

Sell Physical and Digital, Side-by-Side

You can sell both your physical merchandise and your digital music from Bandcamp, and better yet, you can sell them together. So, for example, you can easily create a vinyl + digital package where your fans get the music immediately, without having to wait for their record. And if you work with a fulfillment partner, they can see all your merch orders at a glance, mark orders as shipped, search for orders, filter orders by date and shipped status, or generate reports. more info

We Don’t Save You Money,
We Make You Money

Bandcamp’s community features – things like fan accounts, artist recommendations, Discover, tag pages and the weekly show – drive tens of thousands of sales each month, far surpassing our modest fees.

Real-time Statistics

Bandcamp’s rich, up-to-the-instant stats system reveals who’s linking to you, where your music is embedded, which tracks are most and least popular, what’s being downloaded and when, which search engine terms are sending traffic your way, and what you ate for breakfast on January 4th, 1993 (Special K with banana). Use the data for the pure, ego-stroking thrill of it all, or to jump in the conversation and stoke the fires of your fandom.

Gorgeous, Clean Players

Bandcamp gives you, your fans and the press a bevy of sharp, customizable music players to embed across the web. They’re simple, effective, and completely focussed on driving fans back to your site. more info

Reporting to SoundScan

We submit U.S., Canadian and international sales reports to SoundScan each and every week, so go ahead and set your sights on the Billboard charts. American Idol, Season 12: The Album, watch out! more info

Sell in (Just About) Any Currency

Price your goods in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Israeli New Sheqels or any of 12 other currencies.

Search Engine Optimized

When fans Google your band name, track titles or lyrics, they should find you, not or iMyFace. Why should some other site get first crack at engaging, and ultimately, profiting from, your fans? We grease up your SEO slicker than pomade-dipped velour, so you may claim your rightful place at the top of Google results.

Discount Codes

Discount codes let you offer fans discounts on their purchases. You generate codes, distribute them however you like (email, Twitter, word-of-mouth), and then fans enter the code during checkout to apply the discount. more info

Dead-Simple Pre-orders

Setting up pre-orders on Bandcamp is a breeze. You can give fans one or more tracks immediately when they pre-order, and then when you release the record, we automatically email those fans a link to download the full album and we report your pre-sales to SoundScan. more info

Build Your Mailing List

Easily collect fans’ email addresses for any free album or track and export them at-will. more info

Bonus Download Items

Upload PDF liner note booklets, videos, alternate art… pretty much whatever goodies you like, and we’ll include them in the downloaded album’s zip file. more info

Premium features

Bandcamp Pro

Our monthly Pro option offers several great additional features, including batch upload for queueing up an entire album’s worth of material at a time, private streaming for giving the press exclusive access to unreleased tracks and albums, custom domains for a touch of added professionalism, and Google Analytics integration for obsessing over even more stats. more info

Download codes

Download codes are unique codes good for a download of a track or album. Generate them for any of your tunes on Bandcamp, then send them out via email or print them up and bundle them with your merch. Every account comes with 200 codes to try out. You can either buy more for a small fee (from 1.5¢ to 3¢ each, depending on quantity), or earn more by selling (we add 1,000 codes for every $500 USD in sales). more info

Download Credits

Every Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. If that won’t cut it (because you’re planning a big free download campaign, for example), you can either buy more (they’re 1.5-3¢ each, depending on quantity), or earn more by selling (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales).

You will find yourself in the highly esteemed company of forward-thinkers such as:

A selection of artists’ unsolicited approbation may be found here.
  • Albums outsell tracks 5 to 1 on Bandcamp (in the rest of the music buying world, tracks outsell albums 16 to 1).
  • On name-your-price albums, fans pay an average of 50% more than the minimum.
  • We’ve driven 12,669,923 paid transactions and served 96,027,290 downloads to happy fans.
  • Fans have given artists $92 million using Bandcamp, and $3.7 million in the last 30 days alone.