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Likes: METAL/ROCK/JAZZ with a technical/progressive/avant garde/psychedelic streak, INDUSTRIAL, dark DUB(STEP) and anything TRIBAL, ethnic/belly dance. <3 MINOR SCALES!


This page is for shit I can't find anywhere else. I used to own hundreds of cds. Now I mainly collect band shirts/posters.
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    by Worship The Infinite
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    Apex Predator Apex Predator
    Cosmic synth-laden French progressive brutal death metal.
  2. Mekanic Botanic
    by Ryanosaurus
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    Mistakes Of The Past Mistakes Of The Past
    This was one of the first releases I heard on the Ektoplazm site and is still one of my FAVORITE psytrance releases. Mechanical sounding groovy progressive psytrance.
  3. The Fourth Light
    by Niyaz
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    Eyvallah Shahim 'new rendition' (Truth) Eyvallah Shahim 'new rendition' (Truth)
    I first discovered Niyaz on NPR's Echoes Radio and have been hooked since. They opened me up to middle eastern inspired music and are perhaps the most accessible band of that kind of music in the West. I will def be coming back to get their other albums!
  4. INFESTUM - Monuments Of Exalted
    by Lacerated Enemy records
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    BONUS - Renaissance (Displacer remix) BONUS - Renaissance (Displacer remix)
    I would best describe this as cybered-out extreme metal. It has occassional synths and electronic percussion and black vox.The remixes are a pleasant surprise. A refreshing release in the extreme metal genre. Should appeal to extreme industrial influenced bands like Red Harvest and Aborym.
  5. III
    by näo
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    evol evol
    III follows the previous release in that songs crescendo from scattered 'music box' sounding electronics into metallic guitar outbursts. Não's music makes for a great post apocalyptic soundtrack.
  6. näo
    by näo
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    ilogic ilogic
    I just caught up with this release 4 years after the fact since checking out the first album and a Live EP on itunes. NIN influences noted in the way downtempo glitch gives way to soaring then crashing post-industrial heavy rock/metal riffs. As usual, Ant-Zen gives us a trailblazing release! Should appeal to fans of post rock, industrial and electronic music.
  7. The Best Of Classical Crossover
    by Origen
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    Kyrie Eleison Kyrie Eleison
    I discovered Origen on Soundclick or Myspace back in the day. Beautiful Italian operatic female vocals with a modern new age sound. They have 500+ songs on their website! Check out Ave Maria XXI Century/New Age Version(on this album but not listed). IMO, it's the most beautiful version of the song.
  8. Plague Rider
    by Plague Rider
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    Malign Air Malign Air
    A refreshing laudable attempt at oldschool technical death metal. For fans of Pestilence. I can really hear it in Malign Air. Cool shirt design too, save one for me!
  9. Sentna - Bi-Pressure Elevator EP (SMR053)
    by Soundmute recordings
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    Sentna - Digital Consumtion Sentna - Digital Consumtion
    Dark psychedelic techno. Be sure to get the 3 previous full length albums @ jamendo and ektoplazm.
  10. Sentna - Cyclic Motion Machines EP (SMR040)
    by Soundmute recordings
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    Sentna - Soulcube Sentna - Soulcube
    Dark trancy psychedelic techno. Be sure to get the 3 previous full length albums @ jamendo and ektoplazm!
  11. THE RITUAL AURA - Laniakea
    by Lacerated Enemy records
    Time Lost Utopia Time Lost Utopia