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Likes: METAL/ROCK/JAZZ with a technical/progressive/avant garde streak, INDUSTRIAL, DUB(STEP) and anything ethnic/belly dance/trance. <3 MINOR SCALES!


This page is for shit I can't find anywhere else. I used to own hundreds of cds. Now I mainly collect band shirts/poster.
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  1. Reborn
    by Total Deathcore
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    I Am The Apocalypse I Am The Apocalypse
    Infernal Murder is a new face in the maturing sound of deathcore. This release is like a 'sampler'; it has a lot of variety for a lil' EP: A catchy dupstep intro, acoustic outro, other acoustic parts, and clean vocals, yet the foundation remains deathcore.

    It's got excellent production. I love the drums setup, it's kinda atmospheric. But I would need to hear a full-length to fully appreciate their sound as the 'breakdowns' to 'technical aspects' ratio is still too high for my tastes.
  2. Sloppy Seconds
    by Silicon Slave
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    Roulette Roulette
    Silicon Slave is back with some weird progressive psytrance. Like Slavery, this stands out from other monotonous releases; there is a lot more variety here; bordering on glitch and dubstep but still with a stable psytrance beat. It's like candy for your ears. I just wish there was more and more like it! Silicon Slave is somebody different in a redundant genre.
  3. Slavery
    by Silicon Slave
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    Elves n Stuff Elves n Stuff
    Silicon Slave was perhaps my most memorable release from Ektoplazm's free downloads. It is just as described: quirky and melodic glitch and hip-hop. infused psytrance. Elves n Stuff features a dark progressive psytrance beat with those quirky melodies and I love how the tempo changes up for a few minutes before going back to full-on psytrance.
  4. Rending Brass
    by The Cyclist
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    Technicolor! (beaunoise Remix) Technicolor! (beaunoise Remix)
  5. Dead Ends
    by Shroud Eater
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    Cannibals Cannibals
  6. Life Is A Death Sentence
    by Wolcott Falls
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    Inception Inception
  7. Pessimist
    by Wolcott Falls
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    Divulge Divulge
  8. Spruce - Origin
    by JellyFish Frequency Recordings
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    Jix & Zotz Jix & Zotz
  9. Spruce - Ubikvad Omniheita
    by JellyFish Frequency Recordings
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    Wahdat Al-Wujud Wahdat Al-Wujud
  10. VA CetaCreate : Benefit for CinderVOMIT Vol. 1
    by JellyFish Frequency Recordings
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    Dog of Tears - Shade Remital ]146[(7A) Dog of Tears - Shade Remital ]146[(7A)
    JellyFish Frequency Recordings just may be my new favorite psytrance label. This is some CRAZY full-on glitch-infused psytrance. Technical and all over the place, yet with some vague sense of distorted pattern. just like the awesome cover art. Aggressive, with finesse. Good stuff to ride out my buzz with.
  11. Aetherial
    by Oceans of Slumber
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    Oceans of Slumber is an extreme progressive metal act with sludge, grunge, blues, jazz, death and black metal influences. The husky Texas vocals remind me at times of Chris Cornell or Lane Staley of Soundgarden/Alice In Chains fame and at times a bit like Phil Anselmo. The psych-soaked guitars soar all over the place and shine best on 'Blackest Cloud' and Remedy' The sound is appropriately reflected in the etherial album artwork.