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Bandcamp Weekly Sun In The Winter

Featuring music and interviews with folksy jazz-infused Nostalgia 77 and soul renaissance man Gabriel Garzón-Montano, plus Brazilian pop by Glue Trip, Polish electronics by UKU, and the outerworldly sound of @Peace from New Zealand. We also air new treats from Tiny Isles, Black Milk, and Ingmob.

Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Nostalgia77 and Josa Peit by Paul Grelet.


Jul 31, 2015

Escape Artists

High Tides is the latest act to release music on TOBACCO’s Rad Cult imprint. Their debut is a story of escaping reality in favor of a place where the sun always shines, but where something mysterious lurks under the waves.

New and Notable Records

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A Vision by Seapony

Breezy summertime dream pop from Seattle, file somewhere between Beach House and Camera Obscura.

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A New Constellation by Quantic presents The Western Transient

On this laid back outing, Will Holland dips into his love for organic live jazz and funk. Thumbs up for beautiful LP packaging.

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Oasism by USF

Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus drop six bouncy eccentric electronic tracks that care not for pigeon holes.

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Dillon Ethier

Rochester, New York

Neither a critic nor an audiophile

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play album Migration by Girls in Airports

This is a sax-centric jazz quintet. Some of the tracks are more atmospheric, some of them are more focused, but they're thoroughly great.

play album Multiplicity by The Terry Hsieh Collective

I'm fond of THC in general, and this potent strain is no exception. Thanks again, Marshall.

play album Instead by Collocutor

(mostly) Acoustic jazz with a tendency to get pretty "out there," and make itself at home. At points it's downright heavy. Anyway, it's thoroughly awesome. The remixes are pretty good, too.

Keisha Armand

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hoarder of tuneage, eater of breakfast sandwiches.

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play album Tropical Heat Volume 3 by Various Artists

I don't know if I'll ever be able to listen to this enough times to satisfy my needs.

play album Piss of the Century by Kal Marks

Kal Marks! Piss of the Century! Fake Tits! This appeals to the coarse, dirty, grainy, heavy, rotten parts of me.

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