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Bandcamp Weekly We Got Game

A special edition of the BC Weekly focused entirely on video game music. Game soundtracks have sold nearly a quarter million units on the site, pulling in just shy of $1.5 million dollars. Austin Wintory, Jim Guthrie, Disasterpeace, Danny Baranowsky, Big Giant Circles, and Laura Shigihara provide insight and tunes.

Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Danny Baranowsky by Oliver Barrett.


Aug 26, 2014

Breakin' the Law

On a new self-titled album, Ryan Pollie’s Los Angeles Police Department project takes the bedroom pop tag to heart. We talked with Pollie about recording on his own terms, nostalgia, Philly cheesesteaks, and that band name.

New and Notable Records

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Shaker Notes by Paul White

Buzzin' UK producer announces new album that reaches beyond the crafty hip hop beats he's known for.

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OTHERS by SassyBlack

Sassy Black, aka Cat, aka half of THEESatisfaction drops her first beat tape - a bugged out, super spacey hypnotic trip.

Aug 26, 2014
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Pizza Espresso by Stanley Brinks & Freschard

Armed with washboards and penny whistles, French expats release charming, country-fried, drinking duets.

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A Problem Like Maria


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play album Trouble Sleeping? by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack

Wonderfully constructed LP! Perfect length, featuring two artists whose music I equally enjoy, and just all around more polished and more confident than his previous work.

play album roboteyes by roboteyes

I've been waiting for this EP since robotoeyes released "Supernatural" out into the wild to fend for itself. Love their sound so much that it borders on the unhealthy / slightly creepy. Nonetheless, great stuff. Looking forward to more!

play album Re:Kappa by Rekapper

I may never completely understand how to use a DAW like Rekapper does, but I doubt my appreciation for his music is suffering from the lack of knowledge. I love putting his music on during a party -- it gets people's attention without being harsh/intrusive.

ROBERT LUIS (Tru Thoughts)

Brighton, UK
play track The Boot EP by Cappo

A quality release from Cappo. Great lyrics and production, and it is on vinyl too.

play album Sleepyhead II "Classic Combos" by Mr. Lif

Big fan of Mr Lif. Amazing to see this being offered for free, but I paid for it as you have to support good quality artists. I hope my little contribution helps continue the good musical journey of Mr Lif.

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